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Should You Repair or Replace Your Home Windows? | Oahu, HI

Should You Repair or Replace Your Home Windows? | Oahu, HI

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It can be hard for a homeowner to know when they need to opt for complete window replacement. The trend for the last few decades, especially in regards to old, inefficient wooden frames, has been to have all the home windows replaced with new metal, fiberglass, or wood windows. The process is time-consuming and expensive and, in some cases, just not necessary.

While you should definitely replace your ancient wooden windows with some that won’t deteriorate, there are many window issues that can be fixed very effectively with professional window repair services.

So, how can you tell whether you should repair or replace your windows? Here are a few common window issues that homeowners experience, along with advice on how to proceed.

Water Leaking In

Any water you see on the inside of the window area is likely from around its edges, not from cracked glass. If your gutter and drain system is clogged and restricting the flow, the water could be pushed back toward the window. Your home windows have seals to keep the water out but they are not strong enough to work against the force of this much water.

Cleaning and rerouting your gutters and your drain pipes may solve the problem. If you are getting a lot of water from around your home windows, you may have bad window casing. You should check with your Oahu,HI window repair professional to see if window replacement will solve the problem.

Cloudy Windows

When double pane glass home windows are new, they are beautiful. But over time, they can develop a foggy look that ruins that beauty. It’s hard to enjoy the incomparable views of Oahu, HI through a clouded window. Why does this occur?

Between the two panes of glass is a sealed gas layer. Generally, it is air or argon, and its purpose is to provide insulation. This helps lower the amount of heat your windows lose.

Over time, the seal on windows with multiple panes can become compromised. This allows condensation in between the panes, creating a foggy or cloudy look.

You will need a professional window repair technician’s help, since you cannot reseal the panes yourself. But it doesn’t always have to be a total window replacement. Your window repair service can take the window assembly apart, thoroughly clean the inside of the panes, and remove the clouded appearance. Then, the panes can be resealed and put back in properly.

Broken or Cracked Glass

When the glass in your window is damaged, it causes more than an unsightly appearance. Everyone in your home is at a risk of getting hurt from the jagged glass. You will need to make a decision quickly about whether you want to have your home windows repaired or replaced.

If you have single pane home windows, you should check into having them repaired. Repair can be very effective, and costs a lot less than replacement.

Windows with multiple panes are a different matter. You may need to have a sash replacement. However, if you are repeatedly experiencing problems from the same window, you should consider having the whole window replaced.

Broken Mullions or Muntins

Those pieces of wood separating the glass panes in your windows are mullions and muntins. Some are functional, while some are only for appearance. If your home windows have fake mullions and muntins, having broken ones will not change your windows performance.

If yours are real, you will need to have them remade. Sometimes the putty becomes brittle or breaks away and cannot hold them in place anymore. Your home window repair service can fix the problem quickly and effectively.

Sashes Don’t Work

This is a common problem, especially with older wood-framed windows. If the upper or lower sashes won’t move, you can’t raise or lower your home windows. Inoperable window sashes could be caused by several issues. The reason for your sashes not working will help determine whether you will need window repair or replacement services.

In some cases, the window frames have simply been repainted so many times that the frame and sash are stuck together. Or, your sash could be off its track, keeping the window from opening. The cords that are on the sash weights could be broken, making it hard to open your window. By contacting your window repair service in Oahu, HI, you can learn more about whether your windows can be repaired or not.

If your home windows have window sashes that are operated by a spring, you can likely benefit from repair services. Spring-type window sashes may have loose or broken springs. This is something that your repair technician can fix for you, so you won’t be looking at hefty replacement expenses.

Drip Cap Is Missing or Decayed

The drip cap forms a protective shield at the window’s top. Depending on what material they are made of, they can deteriorate or come loose. Especially if you have old wooden drip caps, you need repairs to upgrade them. Your repair tech can help you choose new aluminum drip caps that won’t decay or rust. These aluminum versions will provide long-lasting protection for your home windows.

Exterior Casing Problems

The exterior casing of your windows is constantly exposed to the elements. This can cause problems, both for the appearance of your home and for the life of your windows.

The outer window casing can become cracked or loose, or it can decay and fall off. If your window casing is missing or damaged, it doesn’t necessarily mean complete window replacement. If that is the only problem, you may only require repair service.

Whether you’re home requires window repair or window replacement services, Sunburst Windows of Hawaii is ready to help. With the experience and skill needed to return your house to its former glory, they can transform the look and the energy efficiency of your family’s home.

Contract Sunburst Windows of Hawaii today to find out more about how window repair and replacement services can upgrade your home.


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