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Replacement Windows: Types Ideal For Your Home | Oahu, HI

Replacement Windows: Types Ideal For Your Home | Oahu, HI

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Windows enhances the aesthetic look of your home. The type and condition of your window determine how much energy will be used in your home. Faulty windows can increase the utility bill in your home by 10 percent. That’s why homeowners need to invest in quality windows. These windows possess a wide range of features that boosts your property value and offer better security.

There are many reasons you might need replacement windows for your home; for instance, you want to change a new design, need a durable material, or type that will complement your home. Keep reading to discover the windows that are ideal for your home as recommended by window experts from Sunburst Windows of Hawaii.

Double Hung Windows

These are the most popular types of windows. They feature double sashes, one at the top and another at the bottom, moving up and down a vertical track. Modern style double-hung windows have springs in the vertical track to balance the sashes, contrary to traditional style double-hung windows that feature weights placed in the wall pockets to balance the sashes.

These windows are easier to clean and maintain than other types. That’s why some homeowners prefer this type as their choice of replacement windows. A window professional can tilt the sashes for cleaning purposes. Additionally, the vertical sashes do not fill up with debris and dirt easily.

Contact the nearest reliable windows company to install this type of window if you live in a classic traditional-style or traditional-modern-style home. These windows are also ideal for homes that require extra ventilation.

Sliding Windows

These windows are made of sashes placed side by side, and they move along upper and bottom tracks. They allow you to open half of the window for ventilation and leave the other half-closed. Additionally, window experts recommend this type for its simplistic and distinctive mechanical design. They are ideal for mid-century home designs. Homeowners that prefer opening and closing windows frequently can consider getting these windows.

You can reach out to a trustworthy windows company in Oahu, HI, to install these crank-less replacement windows. The windows are easier to operate and provide long-term service of over 20 years, beyond the lifespan of other types of windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the second most popular type of windows, and they open horizontally with the aid of the hinges fitted on one of the sashes at the top or bottom. One side of the window with the hinges cranks open while the other one remains stationary. Besides having tighter seals which makes them more efficient when it comes to energy consumption, casement windows are less vulnerable to debris and dirt.

If you’re looking for new windows for your home in hot areas within Oahu, HI, casement windows are the ideal choice because they allow enough air to flow in and out of your home.

Picture Windows

Also known as fixed windows, these windows have a glass pane surrounded by a stationary frame and do not feature any operational hardware, including handles or hinges. Also, they don’t open, making them ideal for enjoying external views without sacrificing the security of your home.

If you’re in search of replacement windows for your Oahu, HI, home, consider having fixed windows installed if you prefer windows that allow penetration of light while remaining closed to avert debris, dirt, and leaves. Picture windows also allow you to enjoy the outdoor scenery and let in heat from the sun naturally. These windows are relatively cheaper than other window designs as they feature a simple mechanical design.

Awning Windows

These replacement windows are energy-efficient and allow ventilation into your home while simultaneously keeping rainwater away. They open by turning a handle, swinging out at the bottom. They feature hinges on the upper side, and when opening them, the upper bash remains fixed to the double hinges on the top as the bottom sash cranks open outward and upwards.

If you’re looking for light and easy-to-open replacement windows for your kitchen or basement, then awning windows are the perfect fit. Even though these windows are likely to wear and tear faster in extreme weather, they are ideal for low-level homes as they provide extra security against intruders and burglars.

Single-Hung Windows

These windows are similar to double-hung windows, except that single-hung windows can only open from the bottom side. They are a great consideration for replacement windows as they are easy to operate and clean. The windows are ideal for short homeowners who struggle opening windows from the top side.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have triple panes that are angled to point out of your home. This projection adds a bit of architectural design to your home’s exterior and increases the floor space inside the house. The option is ideal for your replacement windows if you wish to create a secluded reading corner in your new style home.

Bow Windows

These windows are similar to bay windows. The difference is that bay windows project out at an angle of 25 to 45 degrees. On the other hand, bow windows project at an angle of 10 or 15 degrees. Moreover, bow windows feature more than the three panes in bay windows. Consult with a windows expert near you to help you install bow windows. They are the ideal replacement windows for old-style homes.


These windows are mounted onto the ceiling or roof of your house. During the day, they let in light and solar heat. They are an ideal choice for homeowners who wish to allow extra sunlight into their homes without having to cut through the roof or reinforce joists.

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