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Replacement Windows in Hawaii | Which Style Best Suits Your Home?

Replacement Windows in Hawaii | Which Style Best Suits Your Home?

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Are you on the lookout for replacement windows in Hawaii and have still not decided which window style to opt for? The first thing you need to do is relax.

We understand that choosing the right replacement windows in Hawaii can be a complex and time-consuming process. Starting from the window design and material to its protective properties and quality, everything needs to rightly meet your needs. Eventually, the numerous window styles available in the market usually end up confusing you more than helping you decide.

In the next few minutes, you will find out everything you need to know about some of the most unique, famous and demanded styles of replacement windows in Hawaii.

Top 5 Replacement Window Styles

Amidst all the needs that you need to fulfill, one thing that matters the most is you! While one style may be more visually appealing, the other one may be more practical to install. The following list of window styles documents their pros and cons to help you decide what window style will best suit your home.

1.    Double Hung Windows

This is the most traditional and popular window style in America. It features two large frame units with glass panels that slide up and down within vertical tracks. This style of replacement windows in Hawaii, is best suited for window openings that have a greater height than width ratio. If you have a house that is classical architecture or has the traditional-contemporary touch to it, then go for double-hung windows!

Best For

  • Classical or Traditional Houses
  • walls next to patios, decks & walkways


  • Available at very reasonable prices
  • Are easy to operate
  • Vertical tracks hardly fill up with dirt
  • Manufactured by many companies so easily available


  • The springs used to counter balance the glass panels can wear out or break over time
  • Require occasional maintenance to ensure smooth functioning
  • Safety hazard for children because these windows are mounted low on the wall; with a large enough opening for children to fall out

2.    Casement Windows

Another common but more modern type of replacement windows in Hawaii is the casement windows. These are hinged on their top and bottom, and open horizontally to their side. This enables top to bottom ventilation and provides uninterrupted glass area.

Best For

  • Smaller rooms
  • Houses that need increased ventilation


  • Useful for catching and directing cooling breezes
  • The tight window seal keeps out drafts
  • The narrow open space makes them safer against intruders
  • Secure for houses with kids


  • Strong winds can damage casement windows if they are fully extended
  • Smaller versions don’t qualify as egress windows
  • High chances of wear and tear

3.    Bay and Bow Windows

This unique style refers to replacement windows in Hawaii that are made of a combination of at least 3 windows. These form a unit tin different degree angles that extend the wall surface. A Bay window forms a square shape with 25 to 45 degree angles; while the Bow windows are more curved in shape. Traditionally, these are paired with either a fixed center frame or double-hung windows.

Best for

  • Reading rooms/areas/corners
  • Visual center piece in living rooms


  • Attractive and more creative than other styles
  • Can serve as greenhouse windows
  • Offer a wide our door view such as of the front yard
  • Windows panes provide ideal space to place pots and grow plants


  • Heat loss is a problem. Not very energy efficient unless the manufacturers use sustainable glass panes. You may check out Sunburst Windows for their energy efficient glass collection.
  • Expensive to buy
  • Installation requires a lot of framing and placement work

4.    Awning

Quite like the casement windows, awning style replacement windows in Hawaii have mechanical screws placed that help close or open them. Unlike the casement, however, awning windows have their top edge hinged that allows you to open them from the bottom.

Best For

  • Rooms that are on the second floor or above
  • Houses in areas where it frequently rains
  • Basements


  • Secure against intruders
  • The glass pane that opens vertically prevents rain from entering
  • Cost effective


  • Not as effective as casement windows
  • Needs high maintenance
  • Ned to be placed lower on the wall so that it is accessible to open and close
  • High failure rate because it is not too smooth to use

5.    Sliding Windows

Also known as gliding windows, sliding replacement windows in Hawaii are a contemporary style that is a simple yet beautiful choice to opt for. It is ideal for window openings where the width is greater than the height where it’s horizontally sliding window panes fit perfectly.

Best For

  • Modern home styles
  • Rooms where you need to frequently open and close windows
  • walls near a deck or walkway


  • boast slim vertical lines for a clean, elegant look
  • has high durability
  • cheap to buy and install
  • convenient to use


  • sliding tracks can fill with dirt
  • windows accumulate dust
  • requires high maintenance
  • limited shapes and sizes
  • safety hazard for kids

Where to Buy From?
Hopefully, you’ve made your mind about which style of replacement windows in Hawaii will best fit in with the vibe of your house. Don’t waste your time visit our website Sunburst Windows or call us at 808-650-2287!

Their hassle-free process caters to all your needs – from in-home consultation to manufacturing and installing the window that is best suited for your home.

Sunburst Windows offers a wide range of replacement windows in Hawaii to choose from. Their signature servicepromises to help you find the finest looking and great quality windows that are meant to blow your mind.


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