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Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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Home windows provide more than great views of the landscape in Hawaii; they are a barrier to weather and, in some cases, unwanted noise from outside. They seem so solid, so permanent a fixture but time takes its toll on these all-important elements of a secure home. At some point, serious consideration should be given to each of those windows to determine if they are providing the best protection possible. It may be that a repair is needed, or a replacement window is necessary, to improve the overall benefit and protection of the home.

Why Window Health Is So Important

Heating and air conditioning can leak out of faulty windows, meaning that moisture can get in through the same opening. Higher electric bills and overworking heating and air units become an issue when this happens. Water damage can begin behind the walls without being detected until it becomes bad enough to be seen on the surface; at which point, a major wall repair will be unavoidable when installing replacement windows. By this time, mold can cause serious damage to the home, as well as personal health.

Safety should always be considered if windows aren’t working properly. Consider the last time the home had replacement windows installed; if it has been a while, a consultation will reveal any current or future problems. Even if a particular window is not part of a fire escape route out of the house, it is difficult to predict whether or not that window would be needed in an emergency situation. In the case of single-paned windows, the inside of the home is not protected from UV rays, as they cross right through the glass. Installing a replacement window designed to deflect these harmful rays will eliminate this issue.

Determine the Windows’ Health

There are tell-tell signs of diminished effectiveness as windows age, so it is important to assess various attributes of each on a regular basis to determine if repairs or new windows are needed to avoid serious issues. A quick visual will reveal if there is a permanent fog that blurs the view on the other side of the glass, or between glass panes. Cracked glass, deteriorating trim or walls around the frame, and even faded fabric on furniture or rugs are also a visual indication that the home simply requires repairs, or if full replacement windows are needed to improve protection.

Usability is also a determining factor when considering repair or installing full replacement windows. Not only is it frustrating to have problems opening and closing windows, it is also a sign that the life-span has reached its limit. If it has to be propped open, it is time to decide on a replacement window. Noticing moisture around the frame or glass may not mean that a replacement window is the right choice and inspecting the seals, or weather stripping could reveal this as the culprit.

Repair or Replace?

Some minor issues will only require repairs, as opposed to installing new windows; such as damage to the trim due to a problem unrelated to faulty windows. Things like something striking the glass and leaving a crack would only require a new piece of glass as opposed to installing a replacement window. If this is the only defect in the window, a repair is a viable option. Damaged locks or broken mechanisms to open and close the window do not necessarily require a full window replacement, so a proper assessment is needed before making a decision.

A continual problem with condensation on the inside of the glass is usually a good indication that the time has come to replace a window. Look for rotting wood around the inside and outside of the window, check for any air coming through that causes drafty areas in the home, and examine for broken seals. These all can be signs that a new window is the only solution.

What Options Are Available?

Functionality is high on the list when a replacement window is needed but there is nothing wrong with making sure it is visually appealing as well. Different factors should be considered; including year-round weather conditions, how much exposure there is to direct sunlight, the design of the home, and how the window opens. Homes in Hawaii will more than likely be subjected to extreme weather during their life-span and replacement windows should be carefully considered.

Harsh weather ultimately demands extremely strong, secure windows to provide protection from things like objects whipping around in high winds, tree branches being rocked back-and-forth and repeatedly tapping the glass, and vast amounts of water that can erode seals and the glass itself. Sunlight beating down for the majority of the day will also damage seals over time, so this must be included on the list of things to consider when choosing new windows.

The structure of the home is an important factor, as choosing a replacement window that will not sit or work properly in its placement can cause issues. A single- hung window can work just fine on a bottom floor since it can be cleaned inside and out with relative ease. It is not as simple on upper floors, so double-hung windows would be beneficial so that both sides of the glass can be cleaned and maintained properly. With several other styles available, talking with an expert may reveal some replacement windows that have yet to be considered.

Material and Glass Choices

Just as there are multiple options with style and functionality, there is also a myriad of materials used in making window frames and glass. Wood, fiberglass, and aluminum are some of the materials in frames, all with their own pros and cons depending on the environment in which it will be used. In an area where there is a lot of rainfall, for instance, wood eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced more often.

Glass options for replacement windows include Low-E coating, double-glazed, and triple-glazed; again, each with various benefits and drawbacks based on intended usage. A qualified expert can explain all available options as they relate to specific needs. Differences in the glass provide benefits ranging from extra protection from UV rays and outside noise, to impacts from severe weather.

Time to Bring in an Expert

Suspecting faulty functionality is the first step when considering repairs or replacement windows. In either case, an expert is the best option for ensuring good window health. Windows should not be limited to protecting homes from weather, but put to full use by adding noise, UV rays, high electric costs, and damage to the home to the list. The natural beauty here is stunning but can become distorted when viewed through a broken or foggy window. Discussing the available options with someone qualified at Sunburst Windows will ensure that your home receives the best care and optimal protection with repairs and replacement windows.


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