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Reasons To Replace Windows During Winter: Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

Reasons To Replace Windows During Winter: Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

Most homeowners in Oahu, HI, are not comfortable undertaking home renovation projects in winter. The reason is that it’s dark and chilly, and with holidays in the middle of this season, no one wants to think about window replacement. But most folks don’t know that replacing windows in the winter is not only cost-effective and more manageable but also faster than during the summer.

With technological advancement, most companies use state-of-the-art installation methods when installing replacement windows. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until the busy spring season. Continue reading to find out why you should consider a winter window replacement.

Testing Your Windows and Getting Immediate Results

During the winter season, you can put your windows to the test and conclude if they need replacement. You can determine if the windows allow cold air into your house and if there is condensation between the double panes, especially during cold winter mornings.

Also, while closing or opening your windows, you’ll notice if you are having a hard time and if there is a trace of leakage and drafts. And just like you can see and feel the areas with the problem, a technician will also identify which windows need replacing and which can be repaired.

The results are instant during winter when you have replacement windows mounted on your home. Homeowners in Oahu, HI, can cut their energy costs while enjoying higher energy efficiency. The house is also kept warm without having to put pressure on the thermostat.

Better Deals and Lower Prices

It is not common to see window companies running discounts throughout the year, for it would not be considered a discount if it runs all the time. They have peak seasons, usually in the summer, when they are busy and customers flock for their services. During summer or spring, they rarely offer amazing discounts.

The demand for window replacement projects in winter is not as high as in warmer months; therefore, it is less costly. You can take advantage of discounts during the winter seasons in Oahu, HI, between mid-November to March. Homeowners can choose from the various types of windows and get the best one for their house. Whether you need double pane fiberglass or wood replacement windows, this is the best time to make that purchase.

You Won’t Wait Too Long for Winter Window Installations

Scheduling a window replacement is much simpler in winter since demand is lower for replacement windows at this time. Though most companies prefer to do installations as soon as possible, the off-season gives you the convenience to choose when to install your replacement windows and enjoy a fast installation process.

You can avoid delays associated with manufacturing, shipping, and delivery. Otherwise, in summer, there is no flexibility; thus, you have to settle with the date the window installation company offers.

Immediate Energy Savings

If you choose to have your window replacement project during winter, the temperature at your home could drop, and there might be no way around it. However, it is not a reason to postpone it until spring, especially if your home energy usage is above par and bills are increasing.

Energy-efficient windows make every room in your household comfortable while saving you money on heating costs. Better energy efficiency also reduces wear and tear on your heating unit in the long run.

Windows can account for 13 percent of air leakage in the house. If your current windows are not doing an excellent job in enhancing the comfort of your homestead, then any season is the right time to have them replaced. But having them installed during the winter season will increase the savings that you could use on other amenities.

You can choose from various options, such as low E2 coated windows consisting of two metallic coatings that balance less solar heat gain while enhancing radiant heating.

You Can Avoid Pests

Mounting your windows during winter implies that fewer pests will enter your home during installation. However, while fixing replacement windows in summer, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects can invade your house, bringing serious problems. When winter rolls around, there are no more problems with pests, and you can enjoy the exercise with no stress and risks.

Don’t Have To Deal With Summer Heat and Humidity

In Hawaii, where summertime signifies hot and humid weather, installing windows during this time can be challenging. One of the struggles is getting the calk to dry quickly enough because of the high humidity levels and obtaining a good seal. The caulk may crack if the temperatures get to 80 degrees and above.

Getting replacement windows during winter when the temperatures are mild, above freezing but below 80 degrees, is ideal. After the process, your home will get hot faster as air-conditioned air will flow straight out the hole the contractor makes when removing old windows.

More Thorough Installation

Installation of replacement windows done in winter is more thorough. This is because the contractors use weather-resistant and more durable materials than the adhesive products used in summer. They also concentrate on one window at a time; thus, the products stick correctly in the chilly weather.

Get a Great Deal for Your Window Replacement at Sunburst Windows & Patio Doors

Don’t postpone having your windows installed in summer now that you know there is no difference between summer and winter installation techniques and processes. At Sunburst Windows & Patio Doors, we provide the best solutions for all your window needs and utilize fast and energy efficient approaches.

We have the best technicians experienced in handling all replacement windows and will ensure that even during the winter seasons, there is not too much cold air sneaking into your house during the process. In addition, we repair all types of windows and install patio doors. Call us today and talk to one of our specialists to set a window placement appointment.

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