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Provia Entry Doors for Superior Home Protection

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. They also want peace of mind that when they leave their home, they’ll find everything where the left it when they get back. Even in nice neighborhoods, there’s always a chance somebody might decide to do some shopping around for free items. That’s why here at Sunburst Windows of Hawaii we’re happy to offer Provia entry doors for superior home protection.

Provia entry doors

If there’s one thing you know Sunburst Windows of Hawaii for, it’s our windows. They’re our pride and joy, and what we’ve mostly built our name on over the years.

But we also provide a wide range of doors as well, from sliding to patio to entry doors. Basically, if it’s a way in or out of your home — be it a window or a door — we’re who you want to talk to.

Provia entry doors tick all the boxes you’d expect from a product endorsed by us. They’re functional, esthetically pleasing, have good insulating properties, are easy to clean — and most importantly, are very secure.

Our Provia doors come in two flavors: fiberglass and steel.

Fiberglass Provia doors

Fiberglass Provia doors have three locking mechanisms that engage and disengage with a single turn of the key. Extra locking mechanisms obviously means the door is more secure in the frame and harder to get into. It also has the benefit of creating a tighter seal between the door and the frame.


Provia demonstrating how their locks work. 

Steel Provia doors 

Provia steel doors feature a 24 gauge steel plate reinforcing the locking mechanism on their doors. These things are tough and built to last. The chance of someone being able to get through a Provia steel door without waking up the neighborhood are slim to none — a chance no would-be thief wants to take.

Big, secure, but still pretty

Provia entry doors, be they steel or fiberglass, are still designed with esthetics in mind. You don’t need to worry about a thick, unsightly door guarding the entrance to your home. With dozens of styles and finishes, Provia entry doors keep you safe and look amazing doing it.

The right fit

All of these security features and steel reinforced plates wouldn’t mean anything without a proper fitting. Hawaii is a volcanically active place, as we have recently been reminded. Homes warp and change over time, leaving gaps and bends in doorways and window frames. 

At Sunburst Windows of Hawaii, we perform free in-home consults before you ever purchase a door or window. We take detailed measurements to ensure that when that Provia entry door goes up, it fits as snugly as possible.

Get a secure, insulating, beautiful entry door for your home today. Contact our office and book an in-home consult with our friendly team at Sunburst Windows of Hawaii.


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