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Pros and Cons of Your Favorite Types of House Windows in Hawaii

Pros and Cons of Your Favorite Types of House Windows in Hawaii

Installing house windows is a serious investment. Whether you are buying windows for a new construction or simply looking for replacement windows for your house in Hawaii, it is advisable to take time to look into all the available options and to understand the pros and cons of the type of house windows that you are planning to buy for your house.

Keep in mind that windows are an important part of your house. They perform a number of functions like providing air ventilation, allowing light infiltration and keeping dust, dirt, and noise from getting in your house. Furthermore, they work to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your house. This makes it important to make sure you choose the right kind of windows for your house.

Remember, you can always seek help from the expert window dealers of Hawaii to choose the windows that suit your requirements and works best for your house. But at the same time, it is a good idea to have a little knowledge about windows that you are planning to invest in. This article will give you an overview of the pros and cons of some of the most popular types of house windows in Hawaii.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are easily the most popular type of windows in Hawaii. These windows look chic and classy with two sashes that slide up and down. Keep in mind that while in the older design of double hung windows, weights were hidden in the wall, the modern design employs springs that are usually concealed in the side tracks.

These windows are widely available in the market. Since it is high in demand, a number of window manufacturers produce them, offering a wide selection pool to the consumers. What makes these windows the most popular choice of homeowners in Hawaii is the fact that they are fairly easy to open and close.

Moreover, these house windows have vertical tracks that allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Lastly, along with excellent air ventilation strategies, casement windows ensure adequate light infiltration in your house.

Unfortunately, like everything else, casements windows have a few minor drawbacks. For example, they can easily turn into a safety hazard if they are installed too low. This is because they have a large opening, which can be dangerous, especially if you have small children in your house.

Furthermore, with excessive use and time, the sash cord of these house windows can get damaged. In case you have installed the modern version, there’s always a chance that the spring might corrode. In order to keep these problems from surfacing, double hung windows often require occasional maintenance to stay functional for a long time.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges on one side of the frame. They open horizontally on either the left or the right side. These windows are popular for their excellent ventilation strategies. Generally, they are considered to be more ‘contemporary’. A lot of people prefer these windows due to their simplicity and easy working mechanism.

If air ventilation is high on your priority list, casement windows may be the best choice for you. They are designed to offer admirable natural ventilation. You can position them to ‘scoop’ in the air. Meaning, it is possible to angle these windows to make sure you direct the breeze in your home. Moreover, they are relatively safer than most other windows, including double hung windows, as they have a narrow opening.

On the other hand, casement windows break easily. Although they are made to last, when fully extended, strong winds can cause the extended part to break. Moreover, the mechanical operative parts of casement windows have a comparatively high failure rate.

Slider Windows

Installing slider windows is the easiest way to instantly transforming your house to a chic and up-to-date contemporary space. This type of house windows is readily gaining popularity among homeowners in Hawaii due to their high aesthetic appeal and functional characteristics.

The best part about slider windows is their versatility. They fit perfectly in every setup. Whether you have a mid-century modern house architecture dating back to the 50s or a modern contemporary style space, you just can’t go wrong with slider windows. In short, when in doubt, choose slider windows!

Furthermore, these house windows have no cranks. This means you can go without maintenance for a long time. Plus, the absence of cranks makes these windows even more durable than they already are. What’s more is that this type of house window is usually less expensive as compared to the other types of windows.

The downside of slider windows comes in the form of a regular need for cleaning. While you can skip the maintenance part, the tracks of these windows require frequent cleaning. When left unclean, they can easily fill up with dirt and debris, making your windows look less appealing. Furthermore, these house windows are available in only a few sizes so you won’t have a wide range of sizes and variety to choose from.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are all about customization. These house windows come in all shapes and sizes and you can even have them specially made to give your house a unique touch. Some of the most popular types of specialty house windows include circular windows, semi-circular windows, spring line windows, triangle windows, right angle triangle windows, star windows, trapezoid windows and many more.

Obviously, customization is the most prominent benefit of opting for specialty window. On the other hand, the only downside is the fact that things can go drastically wrong if you mess up the measurements or any other customization detail.

Therefore, whether you are looking for specialty windows or any other type of house windows, it is advisable to consult only the trusted and tested window dealers and installers of Hawaii. You can contact Sunburst Windows to get a free consultation and best windows at the most affordable rate.


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