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New Options For Patio Doors And Replacement Windows | Hawaii

New Options For Patio Doors And Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its beautiful weather and breathtaking vistas. One of the best ways to enjoy them is with new replacement windows and patio doors. This year, you have several new options for bringing a bit of the outdoors to your indoor space. Here are a few of the new ways Hawaii homeowners are enjoying their new patio doors and windows.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors are a classic, and you have many options to match your home’s architecture. You can choose a classic look with small, square panels, or you can choose ones with wider or narrower glass panels. Matching your replacement windows with your French patio doors will give your home a complete look. French doors now come in many options that include more than two doors.

Glass Panel Patio Door

Another popular option for a modern look is to choose an all-glass patio door. This single panel of glass allows for an unobstructed view of the landscape. Glass patio doors and single-panel glass replacement windows make the interior of the space seem more open. It creates a nearly seamless connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces. This option is perfect for a minimalist or smaller home.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are always a popular option. One reason is that they take up less space than doors that swing open. This can prevent your doors from swinging into plants or outdoor furniture. They come as a single sliding door, stacking doors or two or three panels. Stacking doors have the look of big windows beside your door and give you an excellent view of the gorgeous Hawaiian landscape.

Bi-Fold Glass Patio Doors

Folding glass doors close into an accordion shape and give the illusion of big windows overlooking the vistas. They are an excellent choice for modern architecture, and they make the space feel larger. Bi-fold patio doors and matching replacement windows are an excellent solution for those who like the idea of sliding doors but do not have walls that can accommodate them. You can choose from a range of styles to suit traditional and modern homes.

Craftsman-style Patio Doors

Craftsman architecture is once again becoming popular, and many are adding wood accents to modern home styles. When your patio doors and replacement windows match the architecture of your home, it creates a cohesive look and transforms your backyard into a sanctuary. You can also have replacement window panes designed to match the patio door for an even more unified look. This is an excellent choice for traditional or historical homes.

Dutch Patio Doors

Dutch patio doors are an option many have not explored. Dutch doors bring the outside to the indoor spaces. They can be split in half, so you have more options for letting the elements into the interior of the home. You can choose single or double pane doors and replacement windows, giving you more options than traditional doors. They can create a rustic, farmhouse look as well as bring a sense of tradition to the space.

Patio Doors with a Pet Entrance

We love our furry friends, and now, you can choose a patio door with a built-in glass pet door. You can allow your pet to explore the outdoors while you finish what you were doing on the inside. They can let themselves in and out without disturbing you. This also gives them an excellent vantage point for watching what is going on outside the home.

New Color Trends

In the past, you only had a few options when it came to patio doors. They used to be metallic, black or natural wood. All that has changed in recent years, and you can now get patio doors and windows in a range of exciting colors. Matching replacement windows will bring the look of your home together for maximum curb appeal. You can choose traditional black, white or something exciting like teal or soft gray. Choosing the right color for your patio door and windows allows you to enhance your decor style and create the mood you want.

Warm Woods

Of course, you could always opt for traditional wood patio doors. This door can give your home a classic, time-honored look. Homeowners often shy away from wood doors because they require maintenance and upkeep, but now, new finishes and materials make them nearly maintenance-free. You can choose from lighter wood tones or darker ones. You can choose wood for classic French doors, which is a perfect option for traditional or historical homes.

Modern Glass and Steel

Glass and steel doors give your home a fresh, modern look. They bring an industrial charm to the space and are perfect for a balcony. If your style involves concrete and geometric shapes, this door style will blend in. They are durable, and you can choose from a variety of pane styles. One of the advantages of glass and steel is that they are nearly maintenance-free.

This year, style trends in replacement windows and patio doors are about breaking traditions. Some homeowners now choose to install styles that contrast with the architectural style of their home rather than blend in. Choosing this option will make your home stand out and give it an element of surprise. It is good to know that you have so many options when it comes to patio doors, and a professional installer can let you know which options are best suited for your home.

If it is time for new patio doors and windows, it is important to make sure you hire a professional with a solid reputation in the industry. Contact Sunburst Windows for replacement windows Hawaii residents can trust. Our team takes pride in the work we do, and we only offer the highest quality products. We want you to feel special from the first phone call through many years of enjoying your new patio doors and windows.

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