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Important Considerations When Getting Replacement Windows For Your Home | Hawaii

Important Considerations When Getting Replacement Windows For Your Home | Hawaii

When the time comes to get replacement windows for your home, you should take care to think about the wide range of characteristics and features available on most modern-day windows. By now, it is highly likely you already know your budget, but there are other things you have to know before selecting the first window you see at the store. In this article, we will give you a list of things you should keep in mind when you start your search for the perfect replacement windows for your home in Hawaii so you can make sure you are getting your replacement windows for all the right reasons. So, let’s get started on what you need to know when you start your quest for finding the perfect replacement windows for your home.

Changing One vs Changing Them All

One of the first things you should understand about replacement windows is that it is not necessary to change all of your home’s windows at one time unless you have the budget for it, and doing so is part of a major goal, which could be making your home fully energy efficient or increasing your home’s market value in preparation for sale. Ideally, replacing all of your home’s windows when you don’t have the budget to do it in one shot, is to start replacing the ones at the front of your home and then work your way to the back. When you do it in this manner, you can also start on the first floor, and after you have replaced all the windows at this level, you can follow the same order upstairs. In either case, whether you have the budget for replacing all of your home’s windows or not, you should always consult with a reputable window replacement company to work on a plan to make your project more affordable over time.

How Long Will They Last?

If your home’s current windows have damaged frames, are foggy or drafty, and you think it’s time for replacement windows, you are probably wondering how long the new windows will last. The answer to this question is not exactly an easy one, mostly because of the many factors that can affect a window’s life span. Generally speaking, most modern window designs are built to last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Keep in mind that even though an economy window may include a lifetime warranty, this doesn’t mean it will last forever. Because of this, it is always a good idea to ask a reputable window replacement company about the expected life span of the windows you have chosen.

Another important consideration in regard to a window’s life expectancy is the installation itself. A high-quality seal and proper insulation will result in your windows lasting longer than they would without these elements. The quality of the seal and the insulation will also ensure no gaps are left behind that would allow air, water, and insects to get into the open spaces, which could lead to damaged frames in a shorter time than is expected. So, always make sure that your new windows are properly installed to ensure they serve you for a longer time.

The Best Time to Purchase

The best time to purchase and install new windows for your home is during the first quarter of the year, especially in Hawaii where the weather is warm all year round. Doing so allows you to reap the benefits during the summer months, during which energy efficient windows prove to be a worthy investment because of the savings on your power bill from a reduced need for air conditioning. Choose a time in which it won’t be constantly raining, because even though the installation process is relatively fast, exposing the area in which the window will be installed to excessive moisture can interfere with the quality of the installation itself. So, make sure you choose a time of the year in which you know the sun will be shining all day long to get your new windows installed. Planning the time of purchase will also ensure the seals are applied correctly on dry areas.

Preparing for the Big Day

One of your biggest concerns, when you are expecting your home’s windows to be replaced, is whether you should do anything to prepare for the big day. There are a few simple tasks you can perform early on installation day that can help your installers get the job done more efficiently. Some of these tasks include removing all curtains, shades, or window treatments that could hinder the start of the work. You can also remove anything that could break during the procedure, such as decorations and accessories, and move any furniture that could get in the way. Additionally, you can set down plastic sheets to ensure your floors are protected from dirt and broken glass. While the installers will usually take protective measures so as not to damage your floors and walls, doing the aforementioned tasks will make their job easier and keep your property safe from any unexpected accidents. In the end, the installers will be tasked with removing your old windows and cleaning up after they have finished putting your new windows in place, but always make sure you ask them about it before they start, so you can be prepared to do the job yourself if it is not included in the service.

As you now know, there are many reasons why people start looking for replacement windows for their Hawaii homes. You also know what to look for to ensure you install replacement windows that will last for many years and will make your home’s curb appeal increase. So, with all of this in mind, your next step should be to call Sunburst Windows, the foremost expert in replacement windows on the island. At Sunburst Windows, we are always happy to help you find the windows you are looking for, as well as ensure you have the best experience while you look. So, don’t hesitate any longer and give us a call today!

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