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How to Tell When You Need New Windows | Hawaii

How to Tell When You Need New Windows | Hawaii

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Even though you look through a window on a daily basis, it is easy to fail to notice the condition that your windows are in, even when they are in desperate need of attention. Thankfully, it is not difficult to miss the signs that they are in need of repair.

Your Cooling and Heating Costs Going Up: If your home in Hawaii has an older window set (especially if they have a with a single pane), it is very likely that you are spending more money on cooling and heating your home than is necessary. Single pane and worn out double pane units are more likely to leak than any other type of window. Replacing a tired and leaky window with a newer, highly-efficient insulated glass unit can help prevent air leaks and thermal heat transfer, which can save you ten to twenty-five percent on your cooling and heating bills, which is one of your home’s largest expenses, if not the largest expense. Every window is not the same, however. Therefore, it is very important to talk over your home’s specific needs with a glass and window pane specialist prior to you buying any windows.

You Can Feel a Draft on Days That Are Windy: If you can feel the breeze when you are standing next to your window to enjoy the view on a cold day, it is very likely that your window may have a serious air leak around it. An easy test to see if they have an air leak is to light an incense stick and put it by your window. If the smoke moves, then you have an air leak in your window. In the worst of cases, you will be able to see light through your window frame if you shine your flashlight in them when it is dark outside. Your home will be a lot warmer and you will see your electric bill costs go down once the holes in your windows are properly sealed.

It Is Hard to Open and Lower Your Windows: Do you have to force your windows in your Hawaii home open or prop them open? If it is a big challenge to open them, then you need to replace them. If a window is made out of wood, they are known for being especially difficult to lower and open.

Fog Between Your Double Pane Windows:  Are you noticing condensation or fog in between your panes of glass? This is an indication that the seal on your window(s) are failing and letting moisture get in between the panes. When it is very cold outside, you may even see frost and ice buildup. If you purchased a window that is high in quality, they can regularly be repaired. In other cases, it might be a good idea for you to replace them.

Your Double Pane Windows Are Cold When You Touch Them: If you touch your double panes and they are cold to the touch, then your air conditioning and heating dollars are literally going out the window with the temperature of the conditioned air from your duct work in your home in Hawaii being drastically exposed when they come in contact with your windows. For cooling and heating that is productive as it possibly can be, and a home that is more comfortable in nature, you need a window that provides you with better insulating properties.

Difficult to Clean: If you get a newer model of window, then they are easier to clean. You do not need to spend any more time struggling to clean your old windows, trying to clean them from the inside (which is unsafe), or just not cleaning them at all.

It Is Difficult to Get Replacement Parts Because They Have Been Discontinued: If you have properly cared for your window(s) but you are having a difficult time locating replacement parts due to the fact that they are not being made anymore, then this is a sign that it is time for you to get new windows. In this day and age, there are better and easier options available.

Cracks in Your Glass: If your window glass is cracked, then that is definitely a problem. A crack in your window is a definite indicator that you are wasting money on energy costs. A crack makes it possible to allow air and moisture get through a window, which can cause the buildup of mildew and mold.

Advantages of Getting New Windows 

Adding Value to Your Home: If you get an energy-efficient window, it is similar to getting a safe and updated electrical system. They are both great selling points if you ever decide to sell your home and they add value to your home’s curb appeal and value.

Keeping Your Family Comfortable: If you get a window that is more energy efficient, then you and your family will be more comfortable in your place of residence in Hawaii, while using less energy. Having less leakage and lower amounts of condensation on the glass in your home will help you control your problems with humidity.

Lower Energy Bills: Less heat loss that comes from thermal transfers and leaks means that you get to hang onto more of the money that you work hard to earn. In fact, the cost of new window(s) may be recouped in just a few short years because of how much energy they allow you to save. You can also contact your local city or utility provider to find out if they offer financial incentives to help you get these expenses back to you sooner.

Lowering the Amount of Noise in Your Home: Along with providing you with better thermal insulation, new windows will also produce far better sound insulation from acitivities going on outside. This soundproofs your home better, leaving the outdoor noise where it belongs.

These signs are great indicators that it is time for you to get a new window system. They are very beneficial to your expenses as well as keeping you and your family comfortable in your home.


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