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How To Clean Your New Windows | Oahu, HI

How To Clean Your New Windows | Oahu, HI

If you have or are planning to invest in new windows for your Oahu, HI, home, it’s important to understand how to clean and maintain them. Updated windows, of course, are an asset for your home and can increase its value. With proper maintenance, they’ll actually function for you better and last for decades to come. Here, we’ll explore how to clean and maintain your windows. As always, the window installation pros at Sunburst Windows of Hawaii can answer all of your window maintenance questions.

Protect the Longevity of Your New Windows

Whether you’ve installed a new picture window, bay window, or French doors, you’ll want to maintain your windows carefully in order to extend their life–and the life of your investment. Did you know that dirt and grime can actually damage your windows? Sure, dirt mars your views, but it can also cause small scratches that weaken your windows and reduce their insulating properties.

Naturally, beautifully clean windows will enhance your home’s curb appeal, but by removing debris left by dirt, hard water minerals, or even the remnants of acid rain, you can protect your window panes from reduced longevity. As you clean your windows, be sure to inspect each part of their construction, including the glass, hardware, and frames. If you note the presence of cracks, signs of degrading, or malfunction, be sure to have these problems repaired before the issues can worsen. With proper care, you can protect your new windows and their functionality.

How to Clean Your New Windows

Here, we’ve included some general cleaning tips for windows. However, you should also consult with Sunburst Windows of Hawaii about any specific tips that might apply to your specific window models.

Cleaning Tips for Window Glass

To clean the windows installed at your home, or business, you’ll want to use a gentle cleaner such as mild soap or, possibly, even a vinegar-based cleaning solution. Be sure to use a soft, clean cloth to gently rub away dirt and grime from the glass. Clean both sides of the window using your mild soap solution.

When rinsing your windows, avoid using a pressure washer. You can use your hose to gently rinse away soapy water. Also, if there is anything abrasive stuck to your windows, avoid using a sharp object to pry it off. That could definitely lead to scratches on your updated windows. Instead, try to use a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda–but just a bit. You can then rub away the abrasive or sticky material. Be sure to consult with Sunburst Windows of Hawaii before you try this method on your particular model windows.

Cleaning Tips for Window Frames

To clean the frames of your new windows, you can use your vacuum attachment to remove dirt and cobwebs from the window sill and the window track. To clean, you can again use a mild soap to gently rub away dust and dirt. Be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners as they could scratch and damage the frames. If you’re concerned about your soap choice, you can check with Sunburst Windows of Hawaii or you can test the soap on a small spot in the corner of the frame first.

Cleaning Tips for Window Screens

You can again use your vacuum attachment to remove dirt or debris from your window screens. Using mild soap and a soft brush, you can then gently scrub them clean. After rinsing them, allow them to air dry. You can perform these tasks while the screens are in place or you can remove them and reinstall them when the cleaning is complete.

Additional Cleaning Tips for Your New Windows

The tips above offer some basic recommendations for cleaning your windows at your Oahu, HI, home or business. Here are some more recommendations to clean and maintain them properly:

Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Check with your Sunburst Windows of Hawaii representative about the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper maintenance of your model windows. You want to avoid damaging the low e-film on the windows if they have it.

Check the Caulking

The caulking around your windows is fresh at the time of installation, but over time, the caulk can crack and deteriorate. This can reduce the insulation of your windows and even allow pests to get inside of your home. Replace old caulk before it can lead to these problems.

Window Tracks

Remember to clean the tracks of your windows. Over time, debris can get caught in the track and prevent your windows from functioning properly.

Replace Cracked Glass

If your new windows develop a crack, replace the glass as soon as possible to prevent air conditioning loss. Even the smallest cracks can have an effect on your home’s temperature control.

Lubricate Hardware

Lubricating your window locks may prevent them from becoming stiff. Choose products deemed safe for hardware lubrication as outlined in your windows’ manufacturer’s instructions.

Ask Questions

If you’re unsure about how to care for or maintain your new windows, don’t guess. Instead, get in touch with Sunburst Windows of Hawaii and consult with their team of window experts. Updated windows are a big investment for your Oahu home or business. Caring for them properly is the best way to ensure their longevity.

Sunburst Windows of Hawaii is a leading installer of windows for Oahu, HI. If you’ve yet to purchase new windows and need advice, we can help you select the ideal windows for your home or business and budget. Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to energy-efficient windows. We’re here to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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