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How To Choose Replacement Windows For Your Home | Oahu, HI

How To Choose Replacement Windows For Your Home | Oahu, HI

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Whether you are looking at replacement windows because someone kicked a soccer ball through your living room window or you are simply ready to upgrade your windows, there are a lot of things to consider while window shopping in Oahu, HI. In fact, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by the many factors that need to be sorted out, but this handy guide should help out a bit. New windows are a great way to make your home much more fuel-efficient, and with the help of a professional company does not have to be an overwhelming task.

If you own an older home, then replacement windows are one of the best ways to increase its energy efficiency and increase its value. Updating your windows will instantly add value to your home and will allow you to be more comfortable in your home. Many modern windows feature heat blocking technology so that you can enjoy the natural sunlight of your windows without overheating or catching a cold from the breeze. Other windows give you more options for accessing the outdoors such as swing-out windows or panel windows. It’s worth the time to take a look at what new windows have to offer your home.

Figure Out Your Preferred Window Style

If you have lived in mostly older homes, you might be surprised by how many different window styles are now available. There is no reason why you have to replace your windows with the same style, not when you can have so much fun with your new windows. For this reason, before investing in any windows you need to fully explore your style options to get one that you truly love. Some of the most common styles include bow, casement, garden, picture, double-hung, and bay. If you aren’t sure what these are, or what you like, it may be worth heading down to a window shop just so you can window-browse (no pun intended!) and get a feel for what fits with your home and personal style preferences.

High-Quality Construction

Before choosing any window, you need to carefully examine the construction of the window. You want the windows you choose to be very strong and able to provide weatherproof results. The weather can turn on a dime in Oahu, HI and you need to make sure that your windows offer you the same high level of protection you would expect any other time of the year. The best windows are fusion-welded because this enhances their overall durability and strength against the weather elements. In terms of glass, always make sure you choose a glass pane that can block out UV rays which will also prevent rug and furniture fading as a bonus.

Study the Architecture of Your Home

Not every window is going to look good in every house. The style of your home impacts what type of window style you should choose, so before you get too far ahead of yourself make sure you pay attention to what your options really are. For instance, more traditional houses tend to look better with double-hung windows or awning windows while contemporary homes are most impressive with slider or casement windows. Is your home more like a farmhouse? Then bow or bay windows will certainly complete the shape of your home. There is a type of window for everyone’s home, you just need to take a minute to think about your options.

Read Up On Energy-Efficiency

One of the many reasons that people start looking at replacement windows for their homes is because they want to upgrade the overall energy efficiency of their homes. If you have an older home in Oahu, HI then there is a good chance that the windows in your home are single pane. While older windows are usually built extremely well (which is one reason why homes from the 40s still have their original windows), they are not half as energy-efficient as newer windows. The hidden benefit of replacement windows is that they will likely cut your energy bills dramatically.

Newer windows usually feature double or triple-paned windows and opting for one of these as your replacement windows is the smart choice. In-between the panes is a gas that helps to further block any energy leakage, and as a bonus, it helps block out noise. Therefore, new replacement windows will help you reduce the amount of energy that escapes and the amount of noise that manages to infiltrate your home.

Pick a Frame Material

There are a lot of frame options, but they are not all equal. While part of choosing a frame has to do with defining the style of your replacement windows, it also has to do with the overall durability and function of your windows. Vinyl, aluminum, and wood are all popular options but there are many more. When looking at different frames you want to make sure you inquire about the energy efficiency of the frame along with its insulating value. Of course, you need to weigh all of these against your budget. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive frame, but you also don’t want the lowest option either. Most customers find somewhere in the middle balances outright for them.

Decide on a Color

While looking at frame materials and window styles you need to keep color in mind. A lot of frames can be customized to match your color scheme, but you need to define what that is. If you are only looking at replacement windows then the color scheme of your home is probably already set, but if you are buying windows to go along with new siding or a remodel you need to narrow down the look you are attempting to achieve.

Choose a Professional Window Installation Company

Finally, once you have your replacement windows picked out you need a professional company to install them. Sunburst Windows of Hawaii is happy to help our local neighbors with window installation and can help you choose the right fit for your home.


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