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How Many Panes Are My Windows and Do I Need Replacement Windows? | Hawaii

How Many Panes Are My Windows and Do I Need Replacement Windows? | Hawaii

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Are you considering getting replacement windows and want to know more about what you currently have? If you currently have high quality windows you may be wondering if it’s even worth it to switch them or you may be wondering what you’re currently working with. Well, we’re going to talk about some of the different ways you can determine what you have and whether you should be bumping up the windows you’ve got to get better quality in the long run for your Hawaii home.

What Windows Do You Have?

First, let’s take a look at how you can tell if you have triple pane windows. It’s actually a relatively simple test. All you’re going to need is a flashlight and you’ll be able to check. Go over to one of the windows in your home that you think might be a triple pane and hold up the flashlight. When you shine the light on the glass you’re going to see different spots that show that light reflecting back to you. If you see only one that means you have a single pane window and you definitely need replacement windows for that. If you see two spots it means you have double pane windows. And if you see three it means that you have triple pane windows.

What It Means

If you have different types of windows you’re going to have a different level of need for replacement windows. Now, single pane windows should absolutely be replaced. These aren’t giving you a whole lot of protection at all. They’re letting in cold and hot air, they’re letting out your cold and hot air and they’re letting in far too much sunlight. They could also be quite old, which means that they’re letting in a whole lot more, like pests and moisture through the sides and the frames of those windows.

If you have double pane windows you may or may not need replacement windows. That’s because you’re getting a decent amount of protection from just about everything. They’re not going to keep out all of the air (or keep it in) but they are going to give you better protection than a single pane window. In fact, they’re going to give you quite a bit more protection than those single panes. But they’re not going to give you the level of protection that you would get from triple pane windows. That’s one reason you may be thinking about getting replacement windows for these as well.

Triple pane windows are the best that you can currently get and you likely don’t need replacement windows. They offer you three different levels of glass and two different levels of gases on the inside and they’re going to give you the best level of protection. You’re going to have the least amount of air flow through your windows with these and you’re absolutely going to have better protection from sunlight. They’re also likely to be newer windows which means they’re less likely to need to be replaced at all. That’s not to say that they don’t need replaced however.

Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

Are you going to need to replace your windows? Even if you have triple pane windows you’ll eventually need replacement windows. You’re going to need to look at how well they’re doing and what they’re doing for you. If you’re noticing a draft around your windows then it means they’re not sealed correctly. It’s possible you could get by with just getting a professional to come out and seal your windows better. But you may need to just replace them entirely. Talking with a professional is the best way to find out.

If you notice leaks this is the same sort of dilemma and it’s important that you talk with a professional to find out what you need to do to mitigate the damage or to take care of any damage that has already occurred. If the windows have been leaking for a while you could find yourself in need of some very serious repairs both for the windows themselves and for the rest of your home and the structure.

Those who have older windows may also need to get things taken care of quickly. Old windows can start to break down and also you’re going to have less protection the older your windows are. That’s because you’re more likely to have single or double pane windows to deal with. If you have double pane you may be able to make it work for your home. If you have single, however, you should absolutely be replacing these. They’re costing you a great deal more in energy costs than they’re really helping.

What You Need to Do

Make sure you’re calling a professional to take care of your replacement windows and to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best. You don’t want to settle for anything less than the absolute ideal for your windows and while that may not always be easy to afford, it’s definitely going to be possible to get with the right company. All you need to do is make sure you can find them and that’s going to be easier than you might think in Hawaii. We can offer you everything you’re looking for and a whole lot more.

When it comes to installing replacement windows in Hawaii you want to be sure that you’re looking at several of the different features and that you’re choosing windows that are going to last. Whether you decide to go with double pane or triple pane windows, you’re definitely going to have everything that you’re looking for. And you’re definitely going to have better energy efficiency and more. The right windows are going to make all the difference when it comes to your Hawaii home, so make sure that you take a closer look at your options and that you’re getting those windows replaced as soon as you’re able to afford it. Contact Sunburst Windows to schedule an appointment today!


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