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Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Wooden Windows in Oahu

Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Wooden Windows in Oahu

How often do you look at your house windows in Oahu and think that they need a replacement? This probably never happens, or rarely at best. Windows, as per most of the homeowners, are for a lifetime. Well, this is not the case. Windows do have a long life if they are taken well care of, but you may need to change them if they start showing up certain problems. Surely, you do not want to live in a home that does not give you a sense of security and comfort as it should, do you?

Having wooden house windows in Oahu can be worrisome for a lot of homeowners. They must be concerned about the wood getting affected by the climatic variables, or not being as secure as other windows options. Surprisingly, wooden house windows in Oahu can be longer lasting than other UPVC windows.

However, you have to remain highly observant about the signs that indicate you when the replacements are required. While wooden windows do come with a guarantee, they do have a lifespan. If your house windows in Oahu are aging and the signs are starting to become noticeable, it is about time you find a replacement for them. Besides age, lack of maintenance and exposure to extreme weather can have a detrimental impact on the windows.

To help you determine whether or not wooden windows in your house need a replacement, we have gathered up the top four signs that you have to look out for.


1.   Damaged, Broken or Deformed Windows

This is the most visible sign you will see in your house windows in Oahu that are in need of your immediate attention. This does not necessarily call in for a replacement. Sometimes, all your windows need is some repair and they are just as good as new ones. This is one reason why consistent maintenance of house windows in Oahu is exceedingly necessary for the homeowners.

Minor problems such as replacement of weather-stripping or a change in the hardware, going for a repair is the best option. But if the damage incurred by your window is major such as broken frame sash, we recommend that you should consider a replacement. If you see them fogging up or becoming drafty, it is time to replace them.


2.   Increased Energy Bills

Energy bills are escalated for a number of reasons. It could be the clogged up air ducts, malfunctioning heating, and air conditioning system or the old inefficient appliances in the house consuming more energy than they should. A major factor of raised energy bills that is hugely undermined and ignored by the homeowners is the inappropriate functioning of the house windows in Oahu.

Windows tend to provide optimum insulation in the house which does not let the air escape or enter the space. The energy bills are bound to rise when there is a lack of insulation in the house and the load on the HVAC system is increased to ensure sufficient warmth or coolness.

So, if you are consistently facing increased energy bills and no major problem comes up in your heating and air conditioning system during the inspection, it means you need to have your house windows in Oahu inspected. With the age, they are bound to malfunction and do not remain as proficient in keeping the house insulated as they should.


3.   Curbed Home Appeal

Windows make up a prominent part of your home décor from inside and outside. They have a huge impact on the overall appeal of your home. If they are worn and old, your house is going to look the same. So, if you are planning to revamp, or not liking the way your home looks, it is time to consider a replacement for your house windows in Oahu.

The major signs which indicate that the wood windows are no more playing a constructive role in adding up to the appeal of the house are warped window material, faded color, and broken frames. If these signs are emerging, you should consult windows experts in Oahu to help you in the replacement window selection process.

Replacing your old windows with newer ones can bring a drastic change to your home. They can make the place more appealing and completely revamped. The best thing is that they escalate the value of your home tremendously.


4.   Severe Climatic Episode

The globally changing climate has made the weather highly unpredictable. This has ultimately put everything under risk and has initiated the concerns of homeowners regarding their estate assets and value.

If your house has recently endured an acute climatic episode such as storm or hurricane, there is a high possibility that your windows have sustained damage. You may not be able to see the visible damage in every case, but storms and hurricanes have the ability to weaken your wooden windows substantially.

Therefore, you should definitely consider replacing your house windows in Oahu to make sure that the newer windows are able to resist the effects of wind, humidity, and other climatic factors better.

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