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Exploring The Pros Of New Windows With Flexible Screens For Homes | Oahu, HI

Exploring The Pros Of New Windows With Flexible Screens For Homes | Oahu, HI

Most residential and commercial buildings use glass windows and doors because of their popularity in the fenestration and glazing market, with the insulated options becoming more outsourced. In addition to advanced window technologies such as vacuum insulating glass, aerogels, dynamic glass, and photovoltaic windows, homeowners can opt for new windows with flexible screens.

Joe Altieri invented flexible screens for windows to resolve the issues experienced with glass glazing and conventional frames. They are a revolutionary design whose frames have high-carbon and oil-tempered spring steel with PVC coating.

These steel frames are lighter than traditional window frames, providing a better view. The strength of the flex screens makes them indestructible and blends perfectly with different colors or interior decors.

Some home windows with flex screens in the market are hopper, double-hung, and slider windows. Before making your down payment to purchase windows with a flex screen, it’s wise to learn the following pros to guide your purchase decision.

Easy to Install

Since flexible screens are easy to adjust, window technicians find them easy to install and customize to fit the fenestration openings. Qualified window pros start by measuring the dimensions of the fenestration to ensure they have the correct length, width, and height.

They use the measurements to find the right-sized flex screen for the windows for a perfect fit. Afterward, the trained contractors bend the adjustable screens for the new windows on the sides and place them on the screen track of the window frames.

With accuracy from the window expert, the flex screen will snap into place seamlessly without much effort. If the professional realizes a misfit, the flexible window screen is also easy to remove from the pockets of the frames for correct reinstallation.


Homeowners can also go for new windows with flex screens to say goodbye to the issue of glass breakage in their homes. When the conventional glass glazing in windows breaks, it shatters into sharp pieces and ragged edges, increasing the risk of injuries in your house. The glass windows are also easy to break when hit by heavy substances or tiny stones, which can be very costly to replace.

Therefore, to end the problem of glass breakage and lower the risk of injuries due to broken glass windows, you should get windows with flexible screens. The home windows with flex screens are not easy to break, making them best for Oahu, HI homes.

Easy to Clean

Unlike the traditional glass windows in most buildings, flex screen windows are a better option because of easy cleaning and maintenance. Glass windows can be challenging to clean, especially if installed in areas with limited spaces. Casement, double hung, single hung, and sliders are uncomplicated to wipe with correct installation. However, some windows can be easy to clean on the inside and hard to reach the outer parts.

In such cases, window professionals specializing in maintenance can easily remove the flex screen, clean them, and re-install them, leaving them spotlessly clean. So, folks with residential properties can ask window technicians to install the easy-to-clean flex screens in new windows in hard-to-reach places.

Additional Protection

Having flexible window screens implies fewer chances of gaps and drafts because they fit perfectly in windows. The adjustable screens come in handy in keeping insects, leaves, dirt, and pests outside, protecting your valuables from damage.

They also restrict external elements from passing through, preventing moisture-related problems such as mold growth, and preserving the structural integrity of your house, furniture, and cabinets.

Moreover, home windows with flex screens can prevent heat loss and gain, making them energy efficient. With that in mind, you should invest in new windows with flexible screens to protect your valuables from preventable damage.

Tear Resistant

In addition, windows with tear-resistant mesh can be perfect for people with cats or puppies in their homes. Pets with paws can destroy your glass windows as they scratch them, making them look unclean, dirty, and unkempt. With continuous scratching, conventional glass windows are susceptible to break and pose a higher risk of injuries to your pets and family members in Oahu, HI.

Fortunately, the new windows with flex screens come with tear-resistant mesh that the paws of cats or other pets cannot easily tear. Others have a tough powder coating of steel that makes it hard to scratch. However, it is worth noting that persistent and determined pets can still get their way with flexible window screens.


Since the new windows with flexible screens are break, bend, tear, and scratch resistant, they can last longer than conventional glass windows. The flex screens installed with carbon-enriched spring steel frames make the windows durable because they hardly break, dent, bend, or get damaged due to external elements, pets, and substances like tiny stones. They make your windows look as good as new for the longest time with proper periodic maintenance.

Regulates Sunlight and Heat

People with homes in areas with high heat can opt for new windows with flexible screens. The flex screens for such regions block up a high percentage of UV radiation from penetrating your house.

The sun and UV protectant keeps your fabrics and carpets from fading, ensures your rooms remain cool during summers and helps retain the structural integrity of the furniture.


Most people investing in windows for their new home or window replacement projects consider the cost of the windows as a vital aspect. Flex-screen windows are cheaper than conventional glass windows, making them affordable for most homeowners.

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