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Call Sunburst Windows of Hawaii When You Need Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

Call Sunburst Windows of Hawaii When You Need Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

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Many people enjoy what windows have to offer every day, although they take them for granted. However, they may not know just how important windows can be within a building. The truth is that windows bring a lot of light into a building and can transform the entire interior atmosphere. They also bring in sunlight, which can help with the heating when it is cold. Windows can be instrumental in saving on light and heating bills. This is why replacement windows are a matter that should be undertaken with a great deal of care and consideration. If you are looking for new windows in Oahu, HI, you should consider what a company like Sunburst Windows of Hawaii has to offer.

Installation Types to Keep in Mind with Replacement Windows

Window installation is very important when you are looking at replacement windows. The right type of installation can increase the performance of your home overall, in terms of maximizing curb appeal and minimizing draft. The quality of the window itself is going to be very important, as well as proper window installation when it comes to new windows. It is a good idea to learn about window installation when you are looking at new windows.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Replacement Windows

When you are getting replacement windows, you should know that there are two different types of installation when it comes to windows. These would be full-frame installation and pocket installation. When you are getting new windows, the best type of installation for you will depend on a few different factors. These include the age of your home, your budget, your time restrictions, the condition of your home, and the exterior materials on your home, whether they be brick, stucco, or something else. Additionally, they will take into account whether there is some sort of damage to the window frame, such as deterioration or rot. The most commonplace that window damage will be found is usually going to be the brickmould or exterior sill.

Full-Frame Window Installation

If you are getting full-frame window installation, this means the complete replacement of your window. When this is done, it includes the removal of the window, still, interior trim, and exterior trim. After this type of window installation is completed, homeowners might want to touch up the walls with fresh paint in order to make the area look better. There are also often additional materials, such as drip edge and insulation, that are required in order to complete a full-frame installation. This will increase the overall price of the project.

When this type of installation is done, it is known as a new construction window. These windows will include nailing fins as well. The biggest difference in terms of appearance When comparing new construction windows with new windows will be the nailing fins. These nailing fins are not visible while the installation is taking place, but they are necessary in order for the window to be waterproof and airtight.

Most of the time, homeowners won’t be able to tell the difference between replacement windows in full-frame windows from outdoors.

Full-frame window replacement is the best option when the window frame is deteriorating severely. It is also great if you want to change the style and shape of a window. It will allow for the correction of a lack of insulation. It will also provide a little bit more class, which can give you a better view of the outdoors. However, you should keep in mind that this type of installation is more labor-intensive, the installation can be either too loose or too tight, particularly in older homes, which can lead to energy loss, and full-frame installation is generally more expensive.

Pocket Window Installation

Pocket installation is a type of installation where the windows are simply replaced within the existing frame. The entire unit is left intact, rather than being torn down and rebuilt. These are what are more often known as new windows in the industry. These types of windows will come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

These types of replacement windows come in two main styles, which would be block-fit and flush-fin. Block-fit windows are typically used in homes that have existing wood windows. They do not include fins. Here, new windows are inserted into pockets of existing frames, with the original wood frame being left in place. The wood frame needs to be in good condition for this type of window installation to work properly. With flush-fin windows, the new window is going to be installed on top of the existing perimeter frame. The flush fins of the frame will be used to create an application that is seamless with the mainframe. If there is no structural damage or water damage to the window opening, this is the best possible window installation method in many cases.

These types of new windows are very energy-efficient when installed correctly. They are also effective when it comes to updating old windows that are of the same style. They are usually quick and will offer a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes in order to maximize the curb appeal of the home.

However, you should keep in mind that there are cons to these types of replacement windows as well. If you have mass-produced windows from a store, this can result in lower performance standards and lower-quality materials. If you have low-quality new windows, they can end up peeling, warping, or accumulating discoloration from sunlight. Also, there are common problems with homeowners attempting DIY installation with these new windows, such as reduced performance of the window, mechanical issues, and more. This can actually end up voiding the warranty of the new windows as well.


If you are in need of replacement windows in the city of Oahu, HI, you should consider contacting the professionals at Sunburst Windows of Hawaii. They will be able to answer questions that you might have about new windows and provide you with helpful guidance in the matter as well.


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