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Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Windows in Hawaii!

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Windows in Hawaii!

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Living in Hawaii can take a toll on your humble abode. Installing energy efficient windows can shield your home from salty air, humidity and harsh sunlight. As per experts’ estimates, 30% of the energy in a house is lost due to the windows. Not only this but 76% of the sunlight that enters the glass windows is converted into heat inside your house.

The type of windows you choose along with its placement, greatly impacts the amount of heat that enters your house on a daily basis.

Listed below are select benefits of energy efficient windows that will save you costs on multiple fronts when applied smartly:



Windows in Hawaii that allows natural light to enter while giving you a breath-taking view of the Hawaiian landscape is simply a dream come true. However, you should also factor in the ventilation aspect, too. The right kind of windows will keep your house naturally ventilated by allowing cool winds to enter your house all day long.

To maximize ventilation, jalousie, casement or awning windows since they pass maximum air through their inlets. You can even try a combination of all 3. Apart from that, installing a few smaller awning windows allows the built-up heat to escape the house efficiently.

On the other hand, casement windows in Hawaii, when positioned smartly, allows the house to catch cool breezes and reroute them to your house.


Chill Out

When installed, the energy efficient windows in Hawaii keep your house cool throughout the day since it insulates the house from UV radiation and heat build-up. As temperature rises, the traditional glass windows are ill-equipped to handle this intensity of heat.

However, insulated glass is a better option as it allows light to enter the house freely, but keeps the heat out. To this end, the louver windows are the best option to improve insulation, and you can increase/decrease the degree of insulation by using different kinds of blades, too.


Window Dressing

You can use window dressing to your advantage since they are not only used for decorative purposes, but also plays a key role in saving energy. They can cut down heating, cooling bills, energy loss due to windows and increase the level of comfort in your house.

During summer days, it is suggested that you keep the window coverings closed to cut down the heat build-up in your house. To allow more sunlight in the house, it is advised that you open windows which does not directly allow sunlight to enter your house.

These days, windows in Hawaii are fully automated for increasing homeowner’s convenience. This includes draperies, shutters, awnings, screens and shades that can be controlled with timers, sensors and wireless motors to control the different movements.


Louver Windows in Hawaii

It is common knowledge that many of the traditional houses in Hawaii have aluminum clip jalousie windows installed. On the upside, they allow excess of fresh air to enter the house, but on the downside, its hardware quickly rots in the Hawaiian climate.

Due to lack of a tight seal in these old-school jalousie windows, they easily let dirt and rain to enter the house. This window system also allows cool air from the air-conditioner to seep out. The cheap frames decrease the curb appeal and they are quite easy to break, too.

Such windows in Hawaii can be easily replaced with the latest louver-styled windows that promises these similar benefits, but offer bettered performance, security and safety, too. The hardware is composed of noncorrosive materials.

There are 2 ways to install these windows, one is to install the floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize ventilation whereas they can be installed at the pitch of the roof to allow heat to escape conveniently.


Types of Louver Blades

There are three types of louver blades that can used for windows in Hawaii, however, these have specific pros and cons, so take expert’s advice before installing them in your house.

  1. Glass Blades

The transparent glass blades provide crystal clear views and maximum lighting in your room. There are other glass options, too. These include the likes of gray, obscure, etched, bronze and tempered glass variants.

  1. Aluminum Blades

These are low-maintenance since they neither rust nor require painting. In addition to that, they are available in a wide array of colors and you can choose a color you like.

  1. Wooden Blades

The hard wood blades give you the benefit of completely shutting out light when closed. They are also capable of storing heat, allowing you to save on electrical costs during winter seasons.


Installing Windows in Hawaiian Homes

There are a wide variety of companies operating in Hawaii that specifically deals in installation of energy efficient windows. But little to your knowledge, their expertise may not be up to your standard. Over time, complaints centered on heat and air leakage from these windows is all the more common in regards with these ‘fly by night’ operators.

But on the other hand, the professional and experienced companies operating in Hawaii not only guarantee a remarkable decrease in electricity costs, but also play a role in decreasing carbon footprint in the environment.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of these energy efficient windows also largely depends on the craftsmanship as well as the quality of the materials used. This is the reason why it is imperative to select an energy efficient window, but also understand the role of other parts.


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