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8 Reasons To Have Replacement Windows Installed In Your Home | Oahu, HI

8 Reasons To Have Replacement Windows Installed In Your Home | Oahu, HI

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The windows in your home are a very important part of the house’s structure. Your windows give you a view of the outdoors, and they can be opened to allow fresh air to come into the home. If you live in an old house, there is a chance that the windows are old as well. Unfortunately, old windows can cause a variety of problems both inside and outside of the home. If you have old windows, you should consider having replacement windows installed. There are several ways that new windows can help.

#1 A Clearer View Outside

If you have old windows in your home, there is a good chance that there are tiny scratches on the window pane. Despite how careful you are, these tiny scratches are inevitable. Also, old window panes can develop a yellowish tint. Both of these issues can impede your vision out the windows.

If you have replacement windows installed, the new panes will be clear and free of scratches. This will give you a clearer view out the window.

#2 Protects Your Home Furnishings

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful. If the sun shines into the home, the UV rays can cause the color of your rugs, furniture, and other home furnishings to fade. This will result in you needing to replace these items if your home will look its best.

Replacement windows have a special coating designed to block the UV rays, which will protect your home furnishings.

#3 Save On Your Cooling Bills

The summers in Oahu, HI, are very warm. Most homeowners rely on their air conditioners to keep cool. Old windows tend to be very drafty, and the insulation is sub-par. Because of this, the warm air from outside can come into the home, and cold air to leave the home. If your home is going to remain at the desired temperature, your air conditioner will need to work harder to keep the home cool, which will cause a significant increase in your energy bill.

New windows have two or three panes as well as excellent insulation. This will keep the cold air inside the home when the air conditioner runs and the cold air out. After the first year or two, your replacement windows will pay for themselves in the money that you will save on your energy bills.

#4 Low-Maintenance

The interior and exterior frames of old windows are often made of wood and are painted. Over time, the paint can begin to chip, having a negative effect on the appearance of the interior and exterior of your home. To improve the appearance, you will need to sand the window frames down and repaint them. This is a chore that needs to be done every few years, and it is very time-consuming.

New windows are made of fiberglass and composite, which doesn’t need to be painted. Because the window frames won’t need to be sanded and painted regularly, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy if you install replacement windows.

#5 Easy Cleaning

Over time, the interior and exterior window panes will get dirty. This would require you to clean the windows regularly. Old windows tend to be difficult to clean. The interior pane is simple because the windows can be cleaned when you are inside the house. To clean the exterior pane, you will need to climb a ladder to clean the windows. If your home has a second-floor window, cleaning the windows can be very dangerous. It takes just one misstep to have a very dangerous fall.

New windows are designed for easy cleaning. After you clean the interior window pane, you can flip the window in, which allows you to clean the exterior pane from inside the home as well. When you install new windows, you will be able to clean the exterior panes quickly and safely.

#6 Added Security

According to the Department of Justice, there are 3.7 million home break-ins reported every year, and 30 percent of the intruders gain access to the home through a window. The locks on old windows weren’t designed very well. Many homeowners with old windows report that their window locks don’t work well or don’t work at all. This makes it easy for an intruder to enter your home.

If you install replacement windows in your home, the locks will be strong and secure, giving you the security you need to keep intruders out.

#7 Sound-Proofing

Most old windows are designed with just one pane of glass and very little insulation, allowing outside sounds to be heard inside. This can be annoying if you live on a busy road or have noisy neighbors.

Replacement windows are designed with two or three window panes and excellent insulation. This will keep the outside sounds outside, keeping your home more peaceful. It will also keep the people outside from hearing what is going on inside, which is great if the houses in your neighborhood are very close together.

#8 Increase the Value Of Your Home

Installing replacement windows will increase the value of your Oahu, HI home by up to $11,000. Also, if you are planning to sell your home, advertising that you recently installed windows will bring in more potential buyers.

If you are thinking about having replacement windows installed in your home, contact Sunburst Windows Of Hawaii for a free in-home estimate. We offer a unique product called Fibrex, which has proven to withstand the island’s hot climates.

We are a family-owned business and have been working in the window industry for over 35 years in three different states. We take pride in the quality, brand, and reputation of the windows we install.

When you call for a free in-home estimate, we will educate you on the available products. This will make it easy to choose the best windows to meet your specific needs. Also, there are plenty of designs and styles of replacement windows, which will make it easy for you to choose the right windows to fit within the style of your home.

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