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7 Benefits Of Installing Replacement Windows In Your Home | Hawaii

7 Benefits Of Installing Replacement Windows In Your Home | Hawaii

The windows in your home serve several purposes. They allow you to see outside while providing protection from the elements. The windows also keep the warm air out and the air-conditioned air in when it’s hot out. In addition, you can open and close the windows to allow fresh air in.

If you live in an older home and have never replaced the windows, or it’s been over 15 years since you replaced the windows, you should consider having them replaced.

If you aren’t sure if replacement windows are worth the investment, you should consider the benefits of installing new windows in your Hawaii home.

#1 Better Insulation

Old windows with one pane of glass tend to be drafty, causing the air-conditioned air to leak outside and allowing the hot air to leak inside. Drafty windows can create warm areas in your home, and you won’t want to sit in front of the window on a hot day. Also, drafty windows will make your air conditioner work harder, causing your energy bills to increase significantly.

Replacement windows have better insulation because they have two or three window panes, with an insulating gas between each pane to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. When the windows are replaced, you’ll see a decrease in your energy bills, and your home will be more comfortable.

#2 Low Maintenance

Older windows require a great deal of maintenance. Most old windows have wooden frames that are painted. When the paint on the interior or exterior frames starts to chip, you’ll need to sand and repaint the frames, which can be very time consuming and often needs to be done every few years.

Replacement windows have fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, or PVC frames that look great and don’t have to be painted. You won’t have to worry about sanding and repainting, and the only maintenance necessary is keeping the frames clean. The interior frames can be washed with soap and hot water, and you can clean the exterior frame by spraying the windows with a garden hose. Installing new windows will ensure your home looks fantastic while saving you a lot of time and energy.

#3 Easier and Safer to Wash

You have to wash your window panes regularly to ensure clear views out of the windows. If your windows are old, cleaning the interior panes is simple because you can wash them inside the house. However, washing the exterior panes is more dangerous and time-consuming. You may need a ladder to reach the top of the first-floor windows, and you’ll certainly need a ladder to wash the second-floor windows. Climbing up and down a ladder carrying window cleaner and paper towels can be dangerous. It takes just one misstep while cleaning or climbing up and down to fall, causing severe injuries. Also, moving the ladder to every window in your home and climbing up and down can be time-consuming, resulting in an all-day project.

Fortunately, replacement windows are much easier to clean. After washing the interior panes, the window frame folds in, allowing you to wash the exterior panes while you’re in the house, and you won’t need a ladder. If you’re tired of cleaning the windows and putting yourself at risk, installing new windows will solve the problem.

#4 Soundproofing

Old windows have poor insulation and don’t provide much soundproofing. This can be a problem if you live on a busy road or in a neighborhood where the houses are close together. The outside noise can be very distracting, and your neighbors will be able to hear everything going on inside your Hawaii home, and you won’t have much privacy.

Replacement windows can solve your problem because they have two or three panes of glass with insulating gas in between, soundproofing your home. When the new windows are installed, you can enjoy peace and quiet at home, and you’ll have the privacy you need.

#5 Fade Protection

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful, and when the sun shines into your home, the UV rays can cause your floors, carpeting, furniture, and any other home furnishings to fade when the sun shines in.

Replacement window panes are designed with a UV filter that allows the light to shine in and keeps the UV rays out, protecting everything in your house. It’s much less expensive to install replacement windows than to replace the floors, carpets, and furniture every time the sun causes fading.

#6 Curb Appeal

If you’re like most people, you want your home to be the nicest on the block. Unfortunately, old windows can hurt your home’s curb appeal. Even if the paint or siding looks fantastic, the old windows will diminish the appearance.

Installing replacement windows will improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and curb appeal.

#7 Increase Your Home’s Value

Installing replacement windows in your house can increase its value, which is great if you plan to refinance or sell your home in the future. If you include new windows in the listing when selling your house, your home will look more attractive to homebuyers. Also, you can increase the selling price by $5,000 to $8,000.

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