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6 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

6 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

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There are always advantages to replacing your windows, more so when the ones you currently have no longer live up to your current demands or they’re not in the best shape anymore. Some of the benefits you can receive include improved comfort, lower energy bills and higher home value. Your mood and quality of life also sees an uptick from the better ventilation and better access to natural light during the day.

It can be tough weighing whether or not now is the right time to get replacement windows. After all, even the best quality windows need to be replaced at some point, with double glazed windows having a lifetime of 15 to 20 years at best. Several factors go into how long windows last within or sometimes outside that spectrum, including how well they are made and the kind of weather they have to contend with.

The seven signs below will make it easier for you to see whether or not the time has come for you to start thinking about replacement windows.

1. Worn Out Windows

Two signs for you to watch out for when trying to get the current condition of your windows are warping and failure of the double glazing. Wooden frames make it easier to notice since they are beautiful at the time of installation but they tend to show their age rather quickly. The process of maintaining them can be time-consuming, explaining why most people tend to forget about it.

If your window frames are looking worn out or showing signs of rot, that’s a clear sign that you might need to replace them. You also need to consider that the signs of warping you’re seeing now will get worse as snow or rain starts to fall.

Poor quality uPVC needs to be replaced with higher-quality materials, since it tends to discolour and expand in heat. A way to check if your double glazing is still holding up is to look out for signs of water leaks, condensation, chips, cracks, scratches and holes. Difficulty in regulating temperature in your home is another factor to take into account.

2. High Energy Bills

As your windows start to get old and lose their efficiency, they’ll start having an impact on your home’s insulation. As more heating escapes your home, you will find yourself using more of your central heating to compensate for the heat loss and keep yourself warm. That applies to air conditioning too, as the windows let more outside heat in, prompting you to turn up your air conditioning for effective cooling.

An easy way to see if this is happening within your Oahu, HI, home is to stand at your windows and see if the temperature there is different from the temperature in the rest of the room.

This issue is more common with older windows that are only single-paned. Investing in double-glazed windows with low-emissivity and argon gas is a good way to reduce heat loss, which also means you start saving on energy bills. Getting replacement windows with these qualities is an investment that creates huge savings down the line.

3. Windows That Let Too Much Sound Out

The design of modern windows allows them to reduce sound transfer, which is especially useful if you live near a busy road or near an area where loud gatherings are common, such as a stadium.

Clearly hearing sound from outside even while you’re standing inside your home and the window is shut is a sign that the window is no longer effective and replacement windows are needed.

If you’d like to reclaim peace and serenity in your Oahu, HI home again, double-glazed windows are worth looking into.

4. Creaky Windows That You Struggle to Open and Close

Given that you have to open and close your windows on a daily basis, this is a good reason to get replacement windows and avoid facing the inconvenience of struggling to open your windows every day.

Another reason to think about replacement windows when your current windows aren’t opening and closing easily is that this issue ties into your safety. Creaky windows that seem to be failing may be easy for an intruder to open from the inside, putting you and your family at risk.

One cause here might be a warped frame, which tends to happen with uPVC windows when they expand under long exposure to hot weather. The cause may also be that the foundations of your home shifted, causing your window frame to be improperly aligned.

5. Draughty Windows

The main problem with draughty windows is that they drive your energy, nearly by 25% in some cases. Keeping the windows you presently have to avoid the cost that comes with replacement windows is that it ends up being a false economy in the long run, with faulty windows causing you to pay more in energy costs. New windows are also more energy-efficient than the old ones were even in their original form.

Draughts tend to occur when the window is failing to shut properly. The cause can be a damaged locking mechanism or even a window that has expanded since you first got it installed.

6. Leaking Windows

The effect windows are meant to create in your home, that of constant light stream entering during the day, can be significantly impaired when your window starts to leak. That’s because moisture starts to build up inside the window if it’s double glazed, leading to a concentration of condensed water inside.

You can wipe the condensation away, but mold will inevitably start to grow inside the frame. Replacement windows are the best way to solve the issue.

While it can be difficult to know whether or not it’s time to start thinking about getting replacement windows while figuring out how much time your current ones have left, using the six signs above can help you make a smart decision. Give us at Sunburst Windows a call and we’ll revamp your windows.


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