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5 Top Up-to-Date Window Trends You Need To Know For Your Summerhouse | Home Windows in Hawaii

5 Top Up-to-Date Window Trends You Need To Know For Your Summerhouse | Home Windows in Hawaii

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Summer is around the corner. If you are a summer person and you own a house in Hawaii, we have some of the top window trends for you. These trends can immensely enhance the look of your house. Having the right windows can be much more important than you think it is. And having trendy windows for summerhouses and beach houses can change the entire mood and change of mood is the reason why we need summerhouses!

Hawaii, as we all know, is surrounded by beaches. The weather here is warm throughout the year with wetter months in winter. The islands are crowded with people in summers who are either looking for summerhouse rentals or are homeowners who come to spend time in their houses.

Whether you want to spend the summers in your own home in Hawaii or wish to rent it out, these window trends for home windows in Hawaii will help you catch up with the up-to-date trends that architects and designers have come up with. Architects suggest windows to be the basic part of your house which narrates the quality of your home life. With these trends, you can make your summerhouses in Hawaii exciting and fun.


1.  Mixing Shapes and Designs

Experimenting with shapes and colors for home windows in Hawaii is a growing trend. Until recently, windows would be of specific shapes and linear designs but modern houses see all types of mixed shapes and designs. Variety and contrast is the key to make your windows exciting.

Beach house windows are now using more and more mixed shapes such as square and rectilinear or geometric mixed shapes. These windows play with shapes to attract the aesthetic view in the house. The shapes can also be 3D, which is a new design for windows. 3D windows play a role in reflecting light.

For home windows in Hawaii, recent years have increased the use of interior windows. These are large glass windows within the house. Double hung windows also described as many small windows on the same wall to cover the entire wall is also preferred. This type of design is used instead of long windows so that the beauty of the window frame, wood or fiberglass, is exposed.


2.  Larger Windows Mean Greater Aesthetics

Larger and pass through home windows in Hawaii are also gaining more popularity as they contribute to the aesthetical view. Large windows are also directly associated with natural light – and natural light can never go wrong!

Modern beach houses are all about enjoying the view for which you bought the house in the first place. Houses with a better view of the ocean are by default highly pricey and top listed as summerhouses. Natural light entering uplifts the mood of the residents.

Pass through windows, instead of full-length doors, are trendier. Homeowners now prefer having pass through glass windows through which you can go out and come in. These home windows in Hawaii can allow you to use color and material on your frames. An emphasis is made on the squared-off edges in recent years contrary to the curvy edges.


3.  More Glass, but Stronger

Home windows in Hawaii are now stronger than ever. When shopping for windows, homeowners know that the Hawaii climate and demographics demands them to be picky in terms of safety and security.

The large glass windows that are picked as trendy are complemented with strong materials to withhold strong winds and any other potential threats.

Durability is one of the top priorities in recent years as it means a better return on investment for the buyer. Homeowners are ready to spend on the glass that has the longevity factor to survive the tropical climate in Hawaii. For this purpose, the use of condensed or eminent glass is popular as it is weather-friendly.

The durability test for home windows in Hawaii is conducted by sellers which can include stress testing, life testing and thermal testing. Sellers mark the window glasses that have gone through these tests which make it easier for the buyer to decide.

Many people who have their homes in Hawaii and visit them occasionally prefer having windows that can survive the effects of weather. The outdoor testing of windows determines how well the material can do in a tropical climate with excessive heat and heavy winds.

4.  Energy Efficiency

Everyone is looking for energy efficient products in order to save money and sustain the environment. Window shoppers also prefer energy efficiency as one of their top 5 priorities. Many designers have added this factor in the design for modern windows.

With the rising energy costs, many of the home windows in Hawaii are replaced with energy efficient options. Homeowners in recent years are willing to make the most of their investment.

Timber windows are the newest option for modern homes as they are natural insulators, making it energy efficient as well as improving the comfort and livability of the home.

5.  Match with Your Style

It’s trendy to customize windows. Yes, you read that. Modern architecture talks about customized options where homeowners can play with their choices, the interior of their homes or a specific theme. Architects love working with homeowners for customized designs. These can include a specific color theme, shape theme or even inspired by a movie.

With the wide range of materials available and product options to choose from, home windows in Hawaii can now reflect your personality. You can build a home that gives you a homely feeling even if you are returning after months or years.

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