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5 Signs That Your House Windows in Oahu Are Due for a Replacement

5 Signs That Your House Windows in Oahu Are Due for a Replacement

It’s a fact that house windows in Oahu can last for two to three decades or more, so it can often be difficult to know when it’s time to have them replaced. If they are well maintained, you might be more aware of when they’re nearing the end of their life. On the other hand, if you’re not paying attention, your windows will definitely be giving you signs that it is time for a replacement.

By paying attention to these signs early, you can ensure that you get the replacement done in a timely manner. Knowing when your house windows in Oahu need to be replaced ensures that you don’t suffer from any negative effects or issues that are caused by your malfunctioning old windows. Curious about what signs your windows are giving out?

Take a look at the following signs which indicate that your house windows in Oahu are due for a replacement:

1.   Noisy Windows

The streets of Oahu are generally noiseless, but if you’re living in a noisy neighborhood, you might have a lot of noise pollution to deal with. The best indication in such cases that you need new windows is when the noise just seeps into your house. At this point, you will need to get new house windows in Oahu which have better insulating properties and are able to cut out the noise.

Noise pollution can be a big issue which not only annoys you but also ruins the quality of your sleep and your peace in your home. Keep in mind that this should not be the only indication or reason for you to change your house windows in Oahu. Since it’s an expensive venture, make sure that there are other signs, along with the noise pollution before you get your windows replaced.

2.   Limited in Usability

Older windows tend to reach a point where their age begins to show. When this happens, you might find that your window is either difficult to open or, it won’t open at all. In either scenario, you should consider getting new house windows in Oahu. Poor functioning windows increase the chances of causing you injury. You shouldn’t have to literally arm wrestle with your window to close it.

Additionally, you have to make sure that your house windows in Oahu do not become a security risk. Some older windows have locks which stop working properly. These are likely areas that a burglar can use to manipulate and gain entry into the house. Before this happens, get them replaced so that your house is safe and secure.

3.   Visible Signs of Decay

Sometimes, your window will show you signs that it is time for a replacement. This is obvious by the signs of decay, warping, peeling paint or more. Keep in mind that peeling paint doesn’t always indicate that you have to replace the window. A fresh coat of paint can make your house windows in Oahu look just as good as new. On the other hand, if you see warping, signs of decay such as mold and rot or even rust, you should consider getting a replacement.

Mold, in particular, is extremely dangerous to have because it can spread from the window frame to the surrounding areas. It can also be toxic to your health and be difficult to get rid of once it settles into the house. Rust and more are also signs of water damage on your house windows in Oahu. If you see these signs, you should consider investing in getting a replacement. The quicker you address the issue, the more you will save since widespread damage can translate into bigger issues.

4.   There’s a Draft

The insulation of your home can also be affected by the condition of your house windows in Oahu. Poor window conditions can allow transference of heat, allowing the indoor temperature to become very uncomfortable. As a result, you might also end up having the HVAC system running for longer so this will make it difficult for the room to stay at a comfortable temperature. Given this factor, you need to look for the culprit which could be your home windows.

In this case, try to stand near the windows and see if you feel a draft or air around it. This can indicate that your windows have poor insulation. The good news here is that you can get house windows in Oahu that are well insulated. Double pane and triple pane windows are readily available in the market which can help to offer proper insulation and ensure that your home stays at a comfortable indoor air environment.

5.   Signs of Moisture on the Panes

One of the biggest signs that you need to get your house windows in Oahu replaced is when you see moisture collecting on the glass panes. This occurs when the outdoor air comes in contact with the glass which reflects the indoor air temperature. The difference in temperature creates the moisture on the panes. While it might not be an issue, if it occurs too frequently, the window frame can start to sustain moisture damage.

In this case, the moisture can be considered a good indicator that it is time for a window replacement. It’s also a good idea to opt for double pane or triple pane house windows in Oahu instead. The gas fill in the glass panes helps to maintain the temperature of the panes and reduces chances of moisture being produced.

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