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4 Best Windows for Summer | Windows in Oahu

4 Best Windows for Summer | Windows in Oahu

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Oahu is a tropical paradise, yet the temperature does soar during summers. As the precipitation levels decrease, the weather can become unbearable. The hotter and drier the climate gets, the further it pushes you towards your windows!

However, having the wrong type of windows in Oahu can really affect the ventilation in your house. Whether the heat is sweltering, the sun blazing or the air damp with humidity around you, the right window can certainly refresh you with a cool breeze.

Here are the four best types of windows in Oahu you can install to tackle the summer heat in your house:

1.  Floor to Ceiling Windows

In the beautiful island weather of Oahu, floor to ceiling windows work best for patios and balconies. If your home has a full-size wall overlooking a lush and blossoming garden, installing these windows in Oahu can bring the outdoor view inside the home.

These huge windows in Oahu bring a relief in the hot and damp summer air. Their grand size allows an unobstructed view of outdoors. It also allows a large open passage for wind to flow freely towards the home.

These windows can be used in place of a wall, to open up constricted rooms or create illusion of space. A floor to ceiling wall can let in natural light if your room is not sun facing. Homes that suffer from limited sunlight can greatly benefit from these windows.

The design possibilities are tremendous with these windows. Pair them up with linen curtains for a laid back bohemian beach hut vibe or install them as circle frames to add a view with flair. However you may choose to accent them, floor to ceiling windows are ideal for the Hawaiian summer weather.

2.  Casement Windows

If your house has smaller dimensions and even tighter spaces to place windows, then casement windows can be an ideal solution to your troubles.

These are highly energy efficient, easy to clean and provide exceptional ventilation to homes. If you require extra ease in accessing and opening windows during sweltering summer heat, then these windows in Oahu offer simple solutions.

Their innovative design mimics the properties of a sail. These are built to open outdoor, catch the wind and direct it indoors. Home owners can crank them at a 90 degree or push them down completely to feel the Hawaiian air on a scorching day. Additionally the screens allow complete removal of the window pane as well.

These multiple window opening options allow the air flow to move through the room unhindered. Whether you want maximum ventilation in bathrooms, kitchen or attics, these add convenience and modern style to your living spaces.

Choose from French inspired casement windows or modern solid looking metal frames, these are available in a variety of shapes, colors, finish and design to match your home’s interior and exterior décor.

3.  Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows in Oahu receive their name from the two sashes which unlatch and move independently of one another. These sashes can move either upwards or vice versa to allow maximum ventilation to flow into your rooms.

Easy to clean and maintain, double hung windows offer exceptional safety with secure seals. Since these slide vertically without any protruding parts, these minimize the risk of accidents.

This means they are ideal for homes where there is danger of children bumping into an open window. These are hence best for placing in bedrooms, walkways and patios.

Their function is ideally suited to the warm island weather of Oahu, Hawaii. Their energy efficient glass effectively controls the flow of heat and constricts sunlight seeping in through the windows.

These look fantastic accented with decorative hardware, faux wood, vinyl and metal frames. Add finesse to their design by adding decorative grids to the vents. This adds further dimension to the design, elevating the appeal of the room.

Pair them up with vertically moving fabric blinds for a contemporary look or adorn with drapes for a touch of old world elegance.

4.  Sliding Windows

These windows in Oahu are a ground-breaking design for hot climates. These blend security and convenience with a contemporary design.

The sliding design allows the vents to move horizontally, allowing cool wind to flow unrestricted freely through the entire room. These are hence better suited for hotter climates such as those experienced in Oahu.

The horizontally moving sashes in three paned sliding windows also have only two moving vents, sliding independent of each other. These windows allow magnificent views to the outside world and are easy to unlatch and operate.

These add visuals and aesthetics to otherwise boring and dreary indoor living spaces hence use them to liven up bedrooms and living rooms. Their effective design makes them low maintenance and easy to cleanup making them best windows for kitchens as well.

Their window panes do not stick outwards, making them a suitable choice to enhance appeal of porches Accent them with drapes for elegance or add shutters for temperature control against the blazing sunrays.

Reliable Contractors: The First Step Towards Beautiful Windows

Windows can add character and aesthetic to your home. However poor installations can also add troubles, making even the most stunning windows to look abysmal. Windows in Oahu may succumb to mold, become unhinged or develop irreversible damage if not installed by the best in the industry.

At Sunburst Windows Hawaii, we specialize in professional installations and seamless services. Our huge inventory and exemplary track record has made us a reliable installation service for windows in Oahu. As one of the best, we guarantee to give you the finest experience.

If remodeling your windows in Oahu is on your mind this summer, contact us to receive expert consultations. To find out which windows best fit your home in Oahu weather Call us today at 808-650-2287 and receive a free estimate.


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