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10 Things That Can Damage Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

10 Things That Can Damage Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

We all know that windows are an important part of our homes. They let in the light, fresh air and can even be used as a decorative element. But did you know that many things can damage your home windows? Here are 10 of the most common things that can cause damage to your home windows.

Extreme Temperatures

Whether it’s extremely hot or cold outside, temperature extremes can cause damage to your windows. The heat can cause the glass to expand and warp when it’s very hot. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can make your windows less energy-efficient and allow moisture and air to enter your home over time. Most modern home windows are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, but it’s still important to be aware of the potential for damage. Window service professionals can also implement measures such as special coatings that help protect your windows from temperature extremes.

Flying Objects

Whether it’s a tree branch, hail, or even a baseball, falling objects can cause serious damage to your home windows. In some cases, the damage may be cosmetic, but in other cases, it can crack or shatter the glass. If you have young children, it’s important to ensure they know not to throw things near windows. It’s also a good idea to keep trees trimmed and remove any dead branches that could fall on your home during a storm.

Improper Installation

The installation plays a critical role in the long-term performance of your home windows. If they’re not installed correctly, they can leak air and water, become loose, and allow drafts into your home. In some cases, improper installation can also void the warranty on your windows. Always hire a qualified professional in Oahu, HI, for any window installation or repair project to help avoid these problems.

Poor Maintenance

Like any other part of your home, windows require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. This includes cleaning both the inside and outside of the glass regularly. It’s also important to inspect your windows for any signs of damage and have them repaired as soon as possible. Taking care of your windows can help extend their lifespan and keep them looking their best.


The sun’s rays can be damaging to your home windows. Over time, the UV rays can cause the glass to fade and become brittle. In some cases, it can even cause your windows’ plastic or metal components to degrade. To help protect your windows from the sun’s harmful rays, you can install window treatments such as blinds, shades, or curtains. Consult a windows services professional to discuss the best options for your home.


While they might not mean to, our furry friends can cause damage to our home windows. Cats, particularly, are known for scratching at window screens and even the glass itself. Dogs can also cause damage if they try to jump through a closed window. If you have pets, it’s important to protect your windows. This can include keeping them trimmed nails, using pet-proof window screens, and training them not to jump or scratch at the windows.

Additions or Renovations

Anytime you make changes to your home, there’s a risk that something will go wrong and damage will occur. This is especially true if you’re making changes near your windows. For example, debris can fall and break a window during a home renovation. If you’re adding an addition to your home, the weight of the new structure could cause the foundation to settle and damage your windows. To help avoid these problems, it’s important to work with a qualified professional who can help plan and execute your project.

Poor Quality Materials

Sometimes, damage to your home windows is due to the materials used in their construction. For example, if you have windows made of substandard glass, they’re more likely to break or crack under the slightest stress. If your window frames are made of inferior materials, they may warp or rot over time. When shopping for new windows, pay attention to the quality of the materials to ensure they’ll stand up to the elements and last for years to come. That is why it’s important to engage a windows specialist in Oahu, HI, when installing your home windows.


If there is construction going on near your home, its vibrations can cause small cracks to form in your windows. Additionally, if you have large appliances such as washers and dryers inside your home, the vibrations from these appliances can also damage your windows over time. If you’re concerned about vibrations damaging your windows, it’s important to have them inspected regularly and repaired as soon as any damage is found. You should also avoid placing large appliances near your windows to help reduce the risk of damage.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause severe damage to your home, including your windows. High winds can break or shatter glass, while heavy rain can cause water damage. In addition, flying debris from hurricanes and tornadoes can shatter windows and cause serious injuries. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, it’s important to protect your windows. For example, you can install hurricane shutters or impact-resistant glass. These can help protect your home and your family from the dangers of broken glass.

Do You Have Damaged Windows?

If you have damaged windows, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs can range from simple fixes to complete replacements. But no matter what type of repair is needed, it’s important to work with a qualified professional who has experience repairing or replacing

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