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Your Basic Guide to Different Types of Home Windows in Oahu

Your Basic Guide to Different Types of Home Windows in Oahu

Windows in your Oahu home are essential for both architectural and aesthetic purposes. Home windows in Oahu let in lots of natural light and are ideal for ventilating the space and keeping the air dry.

More than that, they are let you define the aesthetic style of your house. It allows you to bring the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. There are different types of windows that you can install in your home to match the decorative style.

It can be overwhelming for first-time homeowners to choose the right kind of windows for their home. This guide categorizes different types of home windows in Oahu based on material, positioning, movement, and the type of shutter.

Home Windows Based on Material

There are a few different types of material your home windows in Oahu can be constructed out of. These include:

Wood or Timber

This is the most common type of material used for building windows. Wooden windows look natural and complement many different interior and exterior aesthetics. Along with architectural benefits, wooden home windows in Oahu also offer good thermal performance.

However, wooden windows can be a bit more expensive compared to other materials.


While wooden windows have been used for centuries, glass windows are more modern. Architects and interior decorators prefer glass windows for both residential and public buildings as they bring in more light.


Some home windows in Oahu are also made with metal. Mild steel material is used to make the framework with glass panels. Compared to wooden windows, the ones made of metal are cheaper. This is because the material is easier to acquire and doesn’t require special carpentry work.


Fiberglass is a weather-resistant material that works well for homes located in areas with extreme weather conditions. Along with that, they are very strong and require low maintenance, making them suitable for the tropical weather in Hawaii.


UPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl Chloride) windows are one of the most popular types of windows. Many architects and contractors use UPVC windows as they are energy efficient. They protect homes from dust, rain, noise, and other weather conditions. Like fiberglass, they are durable and long-lasting.

Other Common Types of Home Windows in Oahu

When you’re designing your Oahu home, the position of the home windows makes all the architectural difference. You can choose from the following types:

Bay Windows

Bay or bow windows are designed to give you extra interior space. They protrude out from the exterior on the siding of the house. These windows are used to create angles and in a building. They allow more light to enter the room at different angles.

Most bay windows have a stationary panel in the middle with casement or double-hung windows on the sides for airflow. They are installed in kitchens and family rooms to create space for a window bench or ledge for showcasing decorations.

Stationary Windows

As the name suggests, stationary windows are fixed into the walls and don’t open. They are used to allow natural sunlight to enter whatever room they are featured in. Most commonly, stationary windows are used in houses with contemporary and/or modern architectural features.

They are used in conjunction with operating windows to balance out air flow. Homeowners can customize the shape and size of the window to match the aesthetics of their Oahu home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a type of stationary window that lets in the maximum amount of light and broad views of the outdoors. They are used in areas where airflow is not necessary.

Casement Windows

This type of home window features a mechanism that is operated by turning a crank. Casement windows are designed to be hinged on either left or right sides and pivot outwards.

Many casement windows in Oahu homes feature large panes that allow ample light and airflow into the house. Also, the locking mechanism makes for an effective seal for energy efficiency.

Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, these home windows pivot outward. The difference is that awning windows are hinged on the top of the window sash. They are operated by a crank to let in air and light.

They can be placed on the left, right or bottom of stationary windows or even above doors. However, since they open out, they should not be placed near walkways as that may obstruct people’s path.

Double-Hung Windows

This is one of the common types of home windows in Oahu. Double-hung windows are given that name as they feature two sashes. These sashes slide vertically wither up or down in the frame.

You can open these windows either from the bottom or top. However, these remain in the frame and don’t protrude out or in the house.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-Hung windows are functionally similar to double-hung windows. The difference is that on single-hung windows, only the bottom part operates while the top remains stationary.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are best suited for warm weather and tropical areas, much like Oahu. They also work well for homes that don’t use an HVAC system. These home windows feature glass slats set with metal clips.

They can be open and closed in unison, much like louvers. This way, they provide maximum airflow but offer limited views of the outdoors.

Slider Windows

Another common type of home windows in Oahu is slider windows that slide along a track instead of pivoting on a hinge. These windows have at least one operating panel that slides horizontally past or over the other panel.

These are the simplest type of windows and are often used for egress windows in basements. They have large openings that allow ample light and air into the house, making them suitable as utility windows as well.

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