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The Most Unique Styles Of Replacement Windows | Hawaii

The Most Unique Styles Of Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Creating a unique look for your Hawaii home can be a whole lot of fun and it’s definitely something you want to start on early, right? You want your home to reflect your personal style and you want it to really show off the things you like best. Well, that’s where unique replacement windows can come in. Instead of getting only standard single and double pane windows, you can get windows that are designed to really showcase your home in the best possible light, and maybe even provide you with a better experience as well.

Bay Windows

A bay window is one that protrudes from the outside of your wall. Instead of being flush with the wall like a standard window, these ones are actually designed like a sort of elongated “u” sticking out of the side. The difference here is that they are generally flat windows that are placed on straight lines, in frames that are installed at angles. They actually give you a shelf on the inside of the house as well. This shelf could be small, such as a place to put a few plants or books or other items that you really enjoy looking at. Or it could be large, such as a window seat. There are plenty of options and you’ll have the ability to create something that’s the perfect size for your needs with replacement windows.

Bow Windows

These windows are very similar to a bay window, but they don’t have a shelf on the inside. Instead, they are simply windows that are arranged to give you that “u” shape sticking out from the front, but will generally be built into the wall this way. They tend to be used more on curved walls as well. The end result is a very Victorian feel that will definitely create a unique look for your home. It’s also going to let you showcase your own personal style in an entirely new way. You may have seen this option before, but it’s definitely something that can make your home stand out from the other options.

Garden Window

This is one that you may not have seen before, but it’s going to create a beautiful look and feel for your Hawaii home. A garden window is a box that’s entirely made of glass and sticks out from the wall of your home. These windows are great for your plants because they make it easier for the sun to get in and ensure your plants are getting the light that they need. These windows can also look very special because they’re fully made of glass, plus, they have plenty of beautiful plants inside of them to really enhance the appeal. Make something truly different with these replacement windows.

Glass Block Windows

These were once commonly used in bathrooms and other spaces where privacy is important. They are exactly what they sound like, windows that are comprised of blocks of glass. But these blocks are not the same as panes. Instead, they are made with frosted or patterned blocks that are then stacked together to create the window. They allow plenty of light to shine through but don’t allow anything from the inside to be seen through. This allows for larger windows and more lighting to be installed in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

While these windows have been around for some time, they’re not used frequently and the advancements that have come with them allow for different styles and patterns to be used. In fact, there is very little in the way of restrictions to what you can create with glass block windows.

Jalousie Windows

These highly unique replacement windows are designed like shades. The glass itself actually breaks apart into the slats of the shades when opened so you not only get plenty of light but you’ll also get plenty of airflow as well. These windows are definitely a way to create your own personal style and will allow you to feel really at one with nature at the same time. If you’re looking for something that makes a statement this is the way to go and you will definitely not be disappointed in the end result.

Round Windows

While anyone can get round windows and they tend to be a little more common than the other styles we’ve mentioned here, they are definitely something to showcase the look and feel of your home. Round windows create a completely different look and they’re going to let in plenty of light at the same time. These windows are a great way to add a little bit of accent to your home if you’re in need of something a little different without going too unique. Also, round windows come in just about any size you want. These replacement windows give you just enough of what you’re looking for.

Who to Call

When you’re ready to get your brand new replacement windows installed you want to call the company that knows what they’re doing. That means calling Sunburst Windows of Hawaii. We can come to your home to help you better understand your options and to take care of the planning process with you. When you’re ready to start creating a unique and fun look for your home with replacement windows you don’t have to do it alone. You want to make sure you have the pros ready and able to help you and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

There are plenty of different types of windows out there and when you’re ready to create the perfect look for your home you just need to give us a call to find out which ones are going to be the best fit for you. From there, we’ll work on setting up a schedule that works for you to get your brand new replacement windows installed. Your home is going to look better than ever in no time. And all you need to do is give us a call to schedule that first appointment. You’ll definitely be glad that you did when you see how great everything looks when we’re finished with your home and your replacement windows.

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