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Replacing Windows in Honolulu Hawaii

It’s getting hot and suddenly you realise there are a lot more bugs in your place than normal. You quickly check the windows and sure enough, the fly screen is bust and the frames are peeling around the edges. It’s about this time you’d start considering replacing windows in Honolulu.

So what goes into getting your windows replaced? Surely someone just shows up at your home with the windows you specified online and they put them in, right?

Well, not quite. To ensure you get the best windows with the perfect fit for your home, there are a few steps we need to go through.


Our factory-trained professionals will visit your home and take measurements of where you want your windows installed. With these measurements we can make sure your window fits your home exactly. This gives much better results than taking a production line model and hoping it fits in place.

Preparing the Area

On the day of the installation we’ll bring the windows and all of the tools necessary to install them. Before we begin, we’ll just need to make sure the area is clear. That means moving furniture out of the way, laying down protective drapes, and wearing protective footwear to not damage your home.

Out With the Old …

Once the area’s free of items we’ll remove your old windows. Every care is taken to minimize dust and debris to keep your home nice and clean. We’ll also take your old windows with us to get rid of.

… and in With the New!

Finally, we get to actually replacing windows. We’ll make whatever adjustments we need to in order to ensure the windows fit properly. Even though we took the measurements earlier, most building materials are prone to some level of warping. These last second adjustments compensate for these minor changes.

Finishing Touches

Each window is tested for ease of use. Any remaining gaps between the wall and the window are filled with insulating foam to keep drafts out. Then we cover that unsightly foam with an attractive frame that matches your style.

But that’s not the end. After replacing windows we clean up after ourselves. Furniture is put into place, any dust and debris is cleared up, and those windows are taken away for you, free of additional charge.

Don’t let the bugs — and a rising power bill — ruin the coming summer. Get replacing your windows and keep your home cool and bug free for the warmer months. Contact us today for an in-home consultation and learn why we’re the best at window installation in Hawaii!


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