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10 Great Reasons To Install Replacement Windows Today | Oahu, HI

10 Great Reasons To Install Replacement Windows Today | Oahu, HI

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The windows in your home serve many purposes. They allow you to get a clear view of the outdoors, allowing sunlight to shine into the home. They also protect your home and family from the elements, and they can be opened to allow fresh air into the home.

If you live in an older home, the chances are that your windows are old as well. If your existing windows are at least 20 years old, you should consider having replacement windows installed. If you aren’t sure that this type of investment is necessary, you should understand the benefits associated with having your windows replaced.

#1 Prevent Condensation

Oahu, HI is a warm, humid place, which can cause condensation to build up on the windows. The insulation in old windows is poor, which can make window condensation a problem. If you have replacement windows installed, condensation won’t be an issue because the insulation is designed better, which will prevent condensation.

#2 Save Money On Your Energy Bill

One of the best reasons to have new windows installed in your home is that you can save money on your energy bills. Summers in Hawaii are warm and humid; therefore, you rely on your air conditioner. Old windows tend to be drafty, and the cool, air-conditioned air can escape through the windows. This will cause your air conditioner to work overtime to keep you home at the desired temperature, which will cause a significant spike in your energy bills.

Replacement windows have excellent insulation, and drafts aren’t an issue. You should notice a decrease in your bills as soon as the new windows have been installed.

#3 Clear Views Out the Windows

Over time, old windows can develop tiny scratches. The window can also develop a yellow tint, both of which can affect your view out of windows.

When you have new windows installed, the panes will be clear and free of scratches, ensuring crisp, clear views out the windows.

#4 Low-Maintenance

Older windows often have wooden frames, which need to be painted. Over time, the paint on the inner and outer frames can chip, affecting the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior. When this happens, you will need to sand and repaint the windows every few years, which is very time-consuming.

Replacement windows are made of PVC, which doesn’t need to be painted. The most maintenance new windows need is a quick wipe down if they get dusty or dirty.

#5 Easy Cleaning

If you want clear views out your windows, you need to wash the panes regularly. Washing the interior pane is easy because it can be done from inside the home. Cleaning the outer panes is a bit more complicated. You will need to climb a ladder to reach the top of the windows, which can be dangerous. If you have a second story in your home, washing the outer panes is even more dangerous. If you miss a step on the ladder or lean over too far, it can result in a dangerous fall.

Replacement windows are designed with easy cleaning in mind. When you finish washing the inner pane, you can flip the window in and clean the exterior pane from inside the house. This is much safer and must be faster.

#6 Soundproofing

As mentioned above, older windows were designed with poor insulation, which doesn’t offer much soundproofing. If you live on a busy road, the sounds of the traffic can be distracting. If you live in a neighborhood where the homes are located close together, the lack of soundproofing will allow your neighbors to hear everything that is going on inside your home.

New windows are designed with excellent insulation. This will provide more peace and quiet in your home and additional privacy.

#7 Added Security

According to the Federal Bureau Of Investigations, at least 30 percent of intruders enter through the window during home robberies. Unfortunately, the locks on older windows were designed to be very secure. If your locks still work, chances are the window can easily be opened while they are locked.

Replacement windows are designed with more secure locks, which will give you peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

#8 Easy To Open and Close

The wooden frames on older windows tend to swell in the hot, humid climate of Oahu, HI. This can make it difficult to open and close the windows.

Replacement windows are made of PVC, which won’t do well in the hot, humid weather. This allows for easy opening and closing.

#9 Protect Your Home Furnishings

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful and can cause any home furnishings in front of the windows to fade.

Replacement windows are designed with a UV coating. When you have them installed, you won’t need to worry about your drapes, carpeting furniture, and other home furnishings from fading.

#10 Increase Your Home’s Value

Having new windows installed will increase the value of your home. If you decide to sell, you can add up to $9,000 to the sale price. When you include recently installed new windows in the listing, you will get more interested buyers. Today, many homebuyers are looking for homes that require no work, and new windows will be a huge selling point.

Why Choose Sunburst Windows Of Hawaii?

If you are thinking of having replacement windows installed in your Oahu, HI home and want to work with the best, contact Sunburst Windows Of Hawaii. We have over 35 years of experience in the window industry, and we understand what you need from a window in Hawaii’s hot and humid climate.

We offer a unique window called Fibrex, which has proven to withstand well in hot, humid climates.

We offer in-home consultations to help you decide which window system is best for you. When we come to your home, you won’t need to worry about dealing with any pushy sales pitches. Our window experts will explain your options and the benefits of each, allowing you to choose the window that will best suit your home without any added pressure.

To schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation, give us a call today.


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